Nate Abbott , Broker Associate, Realtor®, LEED AP

Denver Real Estate

Nate is a native of New Mexico, but made the move to Denver from Washington, DC to go back to graduate school. Af…

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Cyndi Adams , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Cyndi is rooted deeply in Colorado. Her great grandparents had a farm way out in the country, west of Denver in the early 1900’s, in a place …

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Janet Befort , Broker Associate, Realtor®

About Janet Befort

Janet is a Colorado native who loves working with people. Living in Colorado her whole life has given her a unique pers…

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Patterson Benero , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Born in Manhattan (always a New Yorker); Bred in New England (still a proper Yankee). The work resume reads like “War and Peace”, so we’ll ju…

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Susie Best , Broker Associate, Realtor

Susie's mission is not to find you a house, but to help you find your home. The place you love to be. A place where
you love to sl…

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Nancy Bible , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Nancy originally came to Colorado to attend CU - Boulder. Colorado has always felt like home to her even though Madison, Wisconsin was th…

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Traci Tooman and Billy Potocnik , Broker Associates, Realtors

Billy grew up in Denver attending the Denver Public Schools (GW, 87) and later graduated from Colorado State after some college in southern…

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Kendall Boyd , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Kendall is a very proud Colorado native. Having grown up in urban Denver, she absolutely loves the uniqueness of our historic neighborhoods…

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Karin Camarena , Broker Associate, Realtor

About Karin Camarena

Having grown up most of her life in Colorado, Karin considers herself a native. Her passion for this great City is at…

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Lori Lee and Pam Catania , Broker Associate, Realtor®

You can almost reach out and touch Pam’s connection to vintage homes and diverse neighborhoods when she talks about urban Denver. Her ties…

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Dave Christie , Broker Associate, Realtor®

After buying and selling a couple of homes and reaping the the rewards (ah...the salad days) Dave decided to turn his real estate instincts…

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Caren Colangelo , Broker Associate, Realtor

Caren has lived in Denver for over 20 years. Originally form Northern California she received her BA degree in Theatre Arts at San Francisco …

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Rebecca Crosby , Broker Associate, Realtor

Currently I serve as a director for the Colorado Association of Realtors after one year as a director on the Metro Associ…

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David Crowe , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Where do you LIVE?We now live in West Highlands after years down by Sloans Lake-yes, we moved exactly one mile... what can we say, we love NW…

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Patrick Currin , Broker Associate, Realtor

What Clients Are Saying About Patrick…

Q&A With Patrick…

Where do you LIVE? Why Real Estate... Aren't There Enough Agents On Th…

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Lauren Eddy , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Though not a true Colorado native, Lauren has spent the majority of her life here. After growing up in the suburbs of Denver, Lauren attend…

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Jesse Frasier , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Born and raised in the mountains outside of Fort Collins, Jesse grew up in a log cabin built from the ground up on the family’s self-sustai…

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Rachel Gallegos , Broker Associate, Realtor®, CNE, GREEN, EcoBroker

Rachel's passionate approach to real estate is evident in her many achievements in the real estate industry. She has lived and worked in the…

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Patrick Gibson , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Patrick is a pro at relocating. His husband's job has taken them from Oklahoma City to Seattle to Philadelphia to Austin to Denver. Throughou…

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Irene Glazer , Broker Associate, Realtor®, Eco-Braniac!

“Not a Native, but I got here as fast as I could”.– Unknown. Spotted on a random bumper sticker in town

What Clients Are Saying About Ir…

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Randi Goldberg , Broker Associate, "Realtress", Realtor

Randi, born and raised in New York always had a love for the city and urban life. She was born in Queens and grew up in a town right on th…

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Emily Hayduk , Broker Associate, Realtor

Emily Hayduk grew-up in the mountains of Colorado in the tourist town of Glenwood Springs. Having lived in this great state since age 5, Emil…

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Bobbi Herring , Broker Associate, Realtor

Bobbi grew up in a small town in Southeast Kansas and is a graduate of Oklahoma State University. She began to hone her relationship building…

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Rob Johnson , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Coming from a very diverse career background which includes mental health counseling, massage/bodywork, and a six year period of real estate …

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Delfino Juarez , Broker Associate, Realtor

Delfino grew up in a small town in northern Wyoming. Spending most of his summers working on the family farm he knew he was destined for t…

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Sandi Klatt , Broker Associate, Realtor

Sandi is a Denver native. She grew up in the North suburbs and settled in Southeast Aurora to raise her son along with her husband, Paul. …

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Annette Knutson , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Having been born and raised in Denver, Annette has seen Denverurban neighborhoods thrive, stabilize, then revitalize and come alive again.…

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Paul Kourkoulis , Broker Associate, Realtor, GREEN

Paul mission as your Realtor will be to make the home buying or selling process smooth and enjoyable through his knowledge of classic Denv…

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Kelly Kozlowski , Broker Associate, Realtor

Kelly has been a specialist in customer service since she was 5 years old. Back then if she answered her Dad’s home office phone using courte…

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Jen Larsen , Broker Associate, Realtor

Jen was born and raised in a small Wisconsin town where she learned to be genuine, patient, and kind. She’d love to say she “got here as fas…

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Lori Lee , Broker Associate, Realtor®, EcoBroker

A Colorado native, I left briefly to live in other locations like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Antonio. Of course, I realized “there’s n…

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Piper Leitz , Broker Associate, Realtor

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Mary Lemieux , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Mary is almost a Colorado native. She has lived in the Denver metro since she was three years old. Mary attended Colorado State University …

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Nicole Luna , Broker Associate, Realtor

Nicole is proud to call herself a Colorado Native, with deep family roots in Denver going all the way back to her great grandparents and her …

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Jill Mant , Broker Associate, Realtor

Jill was recruited to Denver in 2004 from the San Francisco Bay Area to assume the position of Director of Business Development for a media g…

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Vicki Manton , GRI, CRS, Broker Associate, Realtor®, GREEN

Vicki has lived all over the world, but as a Colorado native, she knows all about the different neighborhood and community options all over…

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Stephanie Menuey , Broker Associate, Realtor

Stephanie is a Colorado native, growing up in Evergreen and graduating college in Durango. Double major in English/Communications with a hea…

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Jana Miller , Broker Associate, Realtor

Jana qualifies as a semi-native having lived in Denver since age 8. She has lived all over the city and southern suburbs, but has a special…

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Sara Murdoch , Broker Associate, Realtor

Originally from San Francisco, Sara has called Colorado home for 20 years. A resident of the West Wash Park neighborhood for 11 years, Sara …

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Joy Opp , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Joy is a Colorado native and grew up in downtown Colorado Springs. She recalls her first backpacking trip with her mom and how that early …

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Mic Ortega , Broker Associate, Realtor, GREEN

Mic originally came to Denver from Los Alamos, New Mexico to attend Regis University, where he graduated with honors in Finance and Busine…

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Allison Panter , Broker Associate, Realtor

Allison grew up outside of New Orleans and moved to Denver two weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005. She was amazed at the respo…

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Sue Perrault , Broker Associate, Realtor®, GREEN

  Sue is proud to be ranked among the top 7% of Denver realtors in 2011, 2012 and 2013, as one of 5280 Magazine's Five Star Real Estate Profe…

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Mark Pledger , Broker Associate, Realtor, SFR

An experienced real estate professional with an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and client satisfaction, Mark has over …

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Liz Reyes , Broker Associate, Realtor

Liz was born in Mexico and moved to Colorado at the age of 10. Her real estate career spans over a period of 10 years and it includes owni…

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Dawn Nudell Richardson , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Dawn's goals are not only to help you find a house but to identify what lifestyle you are looking for, then to help guide you through a…

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Rebekah Robinson , Broker Associate, Realtor

Rebekah has marketed and sold property in the central Denver Area as licensed broker since 1996. As a Denver native, she loves and believe…

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Stacey Rohrer , Broker Associate, Realtor

Stacey feels fortunate to have lived in Denver for nearly twenty years and is passionate about the unique homes and vibrant neighborhoods thi…

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Nicole Rufener , Managing Broker, Realtor®

A born native, Nicole just can’t get away from the wonderful Colorado lifestyle. She always had big dreams of moving to any and every big…

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James Sanchez , Broker Associate, Realtor

James is a Colorado native and current owner of several successful small businesses, and he specializes in the sale of new and existing homes…

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June Schlesinger , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Originally from New Jersey, June moved to Denver a year after college graduation over 17 years ago and quickly fell in love with the more lai…

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Casey Shea , Broker Associate, Realtor®

As a second generation real estate professional and a Colorado native, Casey has been actively involved in the business of helping people w…

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John Skrabec , Founder/Broker/Owner, Realtor®

Being a creative soul at heart, John Skrabec, a Colorado native, started his career as a budding architect, earning two degrees from the Uni…

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Kathi Spencer , Broker Associate, Realtor, GREEN

Kathi was born a Colorado native, at the age of four, Her parents returned to their home land of New Jersey and of course Kathi went along…

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Stacie Staub , Director of Marketing, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Stacie is a homegrown expert, having lived across Colorado from Aspen to Boulder to Congress get where this is headed. Denver is c…

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Heather Truhan , Broker Associate, Realtor

Heather moved to Denver in 1998 from the Midwest (and Stuttgart, Germany, before that). She has been successfully investing in the Colorado…

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Kelley VandeMotter , Broker Associate, Realtor

Kelley was born in Traverse City, Michigan, however most of her life she lived in Dallas, Texas. After three years in Michigan, and 15 years …

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Cary Weatherford , Broker Associate, Realtor®, GREEN

Cary is a native of Richmond, Virginia, where his love of the water and seafood grew from the nearby James River and summers spent near the A…

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Mark White , Founder, Broker/Owner, Realtor®

A native of small town Missouri, Mark embarked on a 20-year career in retail that took him from elevator operator at a downtown department st…

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Sara Wilhelm , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Sara grew up in a small farm town in Eastern Colorado, where she was instilled with good old fashioned values. Although a great place to gr…

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Melinda Yeary , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Residing in the Highland’s area for over 20 years - I am an expert in the Highlands & Sloan’s Lake areas. I thrive on bringing the excitement…

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Brad Yoshimitsu , Broker Associate, Realtor

Having a keen eye for design and the passion for architecture, Brad earned his degree in interior design from Arizona State. After several …

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