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Is the recession over in Colorado?  It seems things are getting better, but is this really the case?  According to a new study released at the 18th Annual Forecast Breakfast on Wednesday, the answer is a resounding, YES!  “I am unabashedly telling you this cycle has turned,” said Mark Snead, vice president and economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City-Denver branch. “The recession has ended in Colorado; it’s over. But it’s not a uniform recovery.”

An article in the Denver Business Journal, click here, outlines the findings released during this forecast breakfast.  According the the article, data from the Federal Reserve shows momentum in the U.S. economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product growth, retail sales and new jobs in Colorado.  The key

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Do you have a pile of used electronic equipment lying around the house you need to get rid off?  Instead of sending it off to the dump, how about recycling it, for free!  This Saturday, January 29th, Thunderstorm Computers will be hosting a free electronic recycling event in the Rocky Mountain Driveline parking lot at 42nd and Tennyson from 10AM to 2PM.  Since it is in your neighborhood, you have no excuse to not recycle those old electronics.

Thunderstorm Computers will be accepting computers, computer parts, flat panel monitors, printers, keyboards, mice, power cords & power bricks, stereo equipment, phones and more at no charge.  For more information and to ask questions, visit their website here.  Hope to see you there.

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 What are the best schools and school districts in Denver?  This s an often asked question from prospective home buyers, those that live in the city already and those that are relocating from out of state.  And surprisingly, I get this question a lot even from buyers who do not have kids.  It doesn't seem like a common question for people without kids, but great schools and school districts are starting to have more and more of an impact on resale values for homes, thus an important question for all buyers to ask.

If you ask ten parents about a school their child is at, you are likely to get ten very different answers.  There are all the test scores you can look at, but that only gives you a small snapshot of what the school offers.  The best resource

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How accurate are Zillow estimates, or Zestimates, for homes in Denver?  I hear this question quite a bit, especially when buyers see a house they really like, then look on Zillow and the Zestimate is $50,000 below the list price.  Or the opposite with sellers who think their house is worth way more than it really is because of the Zestimate they saw on Zillow.  So what is the answer?  Let's take a look at how accurate Zillow believes they are.

If you go on Zillow's website and look at how they make their Zestimates, click here, you will see they rate Denver as a four star city, which is their highest rating for accuracy.  So how accurate is a four star city.  Zillow states that 28% of the time, they are within 5% of the final sales price.  48% of the

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I'm looking at buying a short sale in Denver.  How should I decide on what to offer?  This is a great question.  As if the actual process of going through a short sale isn't enough, deciding on what a fair offer price is can be just as confusing.  The issue with pricing on a short sale is that nine times out of ten, the price the short sale is listed for on the MLS is simply an estimated price the listing agent thinks the bank might accept.  There is no guarantee the bank will accept this price, and there is no guarantee they will accept say 10% less than that either.  So what are you supposed to do?

I was discussing this with a short sale expert in our office, June Schlesinger, and she had some great recommendations.  The first thing June recommends is

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I thought we would see a lot of new listings after New Years.  So far, nothing.  When will there be new listings hitting the market in Highlands?  I have been asked this question by numerous clients since we ushered in the New Year and find myself asking it on a personal level as well.  In mid-December, a home I was under contract with crashed the day before closing.  Yes, it even happens to Realtors.  Since then, I have been watching the MLS like a hawk waiting for new listings to pop up.  I figured certainly come January 1st, tons of new listings would hit the market in Highlands.  But unfortunately, the opposite has been true so far.

I can't say that new listings haven't come on the market, a select few have.  In the past three weeks, I have been out

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Where are the best Dog Parks in Denver?  Even though it is winter in Denver, it doesn't mean your dog is going to give you a break.  They still need the same amount of exercise and socializing that they did in the summer, so what better place to take them than your neighborhood dog park.  That way they can roll around in the snow, hopefully not get too dirty, and release some cabin fever.  And who knows, the fresh air may even do you some good. 

Below are the seven official dog parks in Denver County.  By clicking on the name of each park, you will be taken to a new page where you will find the exact location, details, pictures and reviews from other dog park users.  If you have had your fill of these local dog parks and are looking for a new place for

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A lot of sellers that I speak with want to know what they can do to help attract buyers, get an offer and sell their home quickly, for the best possible price.  The January issue of REALTOR magazine had a great article addressing some common home improvements, and what sellers could expect to recoup when they go to sell their home.  It may not be surprising that four out of the top five improvements have to do with curb appeal.  In fact, replacing your garage door can recoup up to 93% in the Denver area.  For example, if you spend $1,228 on a new garage door, its resale value would be $1,143.  Replacing your entry door with a new steel unit would yield 86% of the cost recouped during a resale.  While these numbers cannot be applied accurately to an

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What is the Denver Real Estate Market going to look like in 2011?  We all wish we had a crystal ball to look into the future to see what is going to happen.  Since we unfortunately don't have that luxury, we have to instead study the trends from 2010, reports coming out from the experts and changes we have seen so far since the New Year was ushered in.

This time of year, reports come out almost everyday that analyze sales from 2010 and use these analytics to make predictions for 2011.  One of the most promising reports is one that came out this week ranking Denver the ninth best Real Estate Market in the country.  This report, the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report, is the longest running Real Estate report in the country and when they make

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So what will it be - the braised pork belly with ricotta truffle gnudi or perhaps the bruléed bone marrow?  If you’re like me, this is not the typical question I ask myself when I’m looking for a place to have dinner.  However, Denver Restaurant Week gives me an excuse to try out some of the fine eating establishments in the Mile High City.  This year, Denver Restaurant Week will be February 26 – March 11, 2011.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, Denver Restaurant Week is a two-week celebration of the culinary scene in Denver. Participating restaurants will offer a multi-course dinner for the fixed price of $52.80 for two, or $26.40 for one (not including tax or gratuity).  Diners can sample some of Denver’s finest cuisine, while

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