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Saturday May 7th from 8AM to 3PM bring your pitchfork or shovel and borrow your neighbor's pick-up for Free Mulch and Inexpensive Compost at 5 sites throughout the city.

Where:  Main Free mulch & compost sale site:

Northeast: Havana Nursery, 10450 Smith Rd., just south of I-70 on Havana St.

  • Mulch and compost loader service for trucks and trailers, and dig-your-own.
  • Limit of 3 cubic yards of compost per vehicle.
  • Compost Prices: $3 per 10 gallon bag or $30.00 per cubic yard (plus tax).

“Dig-Your-Own” Free mulch sites:

Northeast: Fred Thomas Park, Quebec St. & 26th Ave.

Northwest:  Sloan’s Lake Park, Sheridan Blvd. & 17th Ave.

Southeast:  Veterans Park, Iowa St. & Vine St.

Southwest:  Bear Creek Park, South of Dartmouth Ave. on Raleigh St.


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What is Totally Tennyson?  Totally Tennyson is a pub crawl you don't want to miss. You purchase a ticket now and the night of the event when you check in you receive an event booklet guiding you to retail and restaurant locations all down Tennyson Street in NW Denver between 35th and 44th Ave.

At each stop there is a free taste of drink or food a few places will have drawings or entertainment but it's mostly food and drink. Each business has committed to serving 1000 people and also offer other specially priced menu items.

They did a similar event on 32nd and Lowell in August that was a Hawaiian theme and it was a smashing success. The theme merely gives people a unifying tie by either dressing up or wearing accessories. It is encouraged but not

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Some of you may have noticed that there is a permit in the window of what once was an apartment building and retail storefront at 32nd and Tejon.  Business partners Todd Colehour and Sean Kenyon will be "mixing up" a new concept for the space that will continue to bring new life to LoHi - a speakeasy reminiscent of prohibition-era establishments.  While the storfront will read "Williams & Graham", the inside will be replete with furnishings true to the 1920s, with mixologists stirring cocktails true to the era, as well as a menu board with food offerings too.  I've always loved this building and the views offered from the second floor will be part of the second phase of the project, that is proposed to have private rooms and a second bar.  This

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What is the difference between a "modern" Denver home and a "contemporary" Denver home?  It is a question that comes up and one that I ask buyers whenever they tell me they are looking for a modern or contemporary Denver home.  There is a lot of confusion between the real meanings of these terms and it can certainly be confusing when looking for your next house.  In searching for a good answer to this question, I came across a great article in Realty Times.

According to the article, the label "modern" in architecture and design indicates an exact time period in our design history during the 20th century. Modern design came into its own in the 1920's and 30's and strongly reflects the emergence of new technology and advances in engineering. This means it

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Help, how can I avoid going into foreclosure on my Denver home?  It is an unfortunate call that we get a lot at our office.  Homeowners who can no longer afford their monthly house payments and foreclosure seems like the inevitable.  Luckily, over the past few years, there have been a number of options introduced by the government to not only help people avoid foreclosure, but possibly even stay in their homes.

If your mortgage is owned by Fannie Mae, then there are a lot more options than you think.  Fannie Mae has a very informative site that tells you if your mortgage is owned by them, click here, and also what all your options might be if facing foreclosure, click here. 

There are 6 options that Fannie Mae offers for you to stay in your home. 

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Are you allowed to collect rainwater in Denver?  How about reusing graywater in Denver?  As we move into spring and the rains start coming, it sure gets tempting to divert some of that water coming from the gutters into a garden.  Or better yet, collect rainwater to use for watering down the road.  It sure seems like a green concept and a way to use less water.  But is it legal in Denver?  The answer is NO.

If you look at the Denver Water website, it explains both scenarios for collecting rainwater and resuing graywater which is bath or laundry water.  What it comes down to is that you are only allowed to use water once by law in Denver.  Once you use it for your bath or laundry, it is no longer yours and must be sent on down the line for others to

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Are you looking for a great deal on a Denver foreclosure?  We get calls all the time from people wanting a steal on a Denver Foreclosure only to find that they can't get financing on it because it is in such bad shape or they have no chance at it because there are already 15 investor offers on it driving the price up.  Now, buyers for Denver foreclosures are in luck, especially first time buyers.

Fannie Mae, a government sponsored enterprise that operates in the U.S. secondary market, has a plethora of foreclosures they need to get rid of.  As an incentive to get them moved, Fannie Mae is once again offering financing specials through HomePath.  Now through June 30th, 2011, Fannie Mae is paying 3.5% of buyers closing costs on all their foreclosure

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If you are looking to buy a house in Denver, would you be interested in buying a home that used to be a church?  There are a number of converted churches that are now lofts and houses throughout Denver that I have toured before and have always walked away from very impressed.  Today I saw that the Wall Street Journal's "House of the Day" just so happens to be a converted church in Cherry Creek North and it got me wondering, how many people would feel comfortable living in an old church?

Looking through the pictures of this conversion in Cherry Creek North, click here, it is difficult to not be impressed and blown away by how stunning and dramatic this house is.  With 35 foot ceilings, impeccable finishes, gardens, fountains, wine cellar, etc., it is

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How far is it around Sloan's Lake?  How far is it around Berkeley Lake?  These are both questions I have asked and been asked quite a bit by clients looking to buy around both of these lakes for the convenience of having a quick place to run or walk and to not have to do it on a busy road.

According to a great website that I found, www.mapmyrun.com, it is approximately 2.54 miles around Sloan's Lake if you stay on the path the entire time.  If you run the perimeter of the park, along the roads or just inside them, then it is 3.25 miles.

The path right around Berkeley Lake is .96 miles.  If you go around the perimeter of the park, along Tennyson on the east, 46th on the South and the lake on the west and north, it is 1.35 miles.  And it's neighbor to the

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If you have been reading this blog for very long, you already know that I am a huge believer in the starter home.

I think that people should have to work their way up the property ladder, that this is a very honest and reliable way to build equity and future security. I want each of my kids to buy a house as soon as they are able...and I want them to make smart improvements and secure their little piece of the American Dream, no matter what they decide to do, or where they decide to go, they will always have a home.

What I don't recommend:

- Buying more house than you can honestly afford.

- Buying more house than you honestly need.

- Buying a house you don't really want to live in, or in an area that you don't like.

So many people did this

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