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Tonight is HUNI Hour at HIGHLAND TAVERN! Appetizers, drink specials, great door prizes AND the Grand Prize Cruiser Bike from our main sponsor Pearl Dentistry Denver!!! Also, proceeds from Left Hand Brewing Company beer sales go to the non-profit Feed Denver!! See you there! Always a great event you don't want to miss.  Click here for more information.

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Finally an afternoon in Denver where it might not rain, yay!  I am sitting with my french doors open to the backyard, watching two sets of birds who are nesting in the eaves of my back patio go back and forth from my super-green lawn to their hungry little chicks (are all baby birds called chicks?).

Anyway, they are finding some nice, fat worms to nourish their littles...and every time they go a bit nuts, cheeping and chirping to be fed.I have to admit, though...we still have not gotten around to mowing our grass for the first time this year.  Luckily, we do have less grass than before -- with a new chicken run dedicated to our backyard beauties, and a new plum tree in the side yard, we are slowly doing away

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Do you need a new toilet, clothes washer, or sprinklers?  Then you are in luck.  If you buy qualified models of each, then you are eligible for significant rebates from Denver Water.  How big of rebates you ask?  How about $100 off clothes washers, $75 off high-efficiency toilets and $100 off various sprinkler parts and add-ons?  It is a great way to upgrade, save some money and most importantly, save water.  A win win situation for all involved, as long as you are serviced by Denver Water. 

So if you have been thinking about replacing that pretty pink toilet in your bathroom or dinosaur washer that bounces across the laundry room every time you run it, might as well take advantage of these great rebates and offers.  For the full list and eligibility

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incometax_849I was leafing through some old newsletters the other day, and came across a couple of articles I had written awhile back. They encouraged buyers to take advantage of the great tax credits that were available to first-time home buyers in 2008, and a year or so later for move up or repeat home buyers. Seems like ancient history now. It’s pretty amazing that most of those credits expired just a year ago.

So why talk about them in May of 2011?  Who cares?  Well, if you claimed one of those great tax credits from Uncle Sam, and are now thinking of selling, pay attention. You might be feelin’ good about the real estate market and are thinking the great prices and good interest rates currently available make this a good time to sell that perfect house you bought,…
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What is the racial and ethnic makeup of this neighborhood?  As a Realtor, it is a question I get asked a lot by potential buyers as they explore different neighborhoods and parts of a town, especially if they are relocating.  It is also a question that as a member of my local Board of Realtors, I am not allowed to answer.  According to the Standard of Practice 10-1, as a Realtor, I "shall not volunteer information regarding the racial, religious or ethnic composition of any neighborhood."  So while I am not allowed to give information on the composition of a neighborhood, I can certainly point buyers in the right direction where they can find all the information they are searching for.

One place I would point a buyer is toward this great site found

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Is it required to get an alarm permit for your home or business alarm system if you live in Denver?  The answer is yes and if you don't have a permit and your alarm goes off, guess what, the police won't respond as your alarm wakes the neighborhood.  If you think about it, it makes sense.  With so many false alarms, it delays the response time of police officers for real emergencies so that is one goal of the permitting process. 

The other is to prevent "fly-by-night" alarm companies that sell an alarm system to unknowing home owners and don't provide follow up service and monitoring.  Only certified alarm companies are registered with the city so make sure any company you sign up with is registered and approved by the city so you can get a permit

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How long do you have to wait after a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy to be able to buy a home again?  It is a question I hope to never get, but unfortunately, in this day and age, it does get asked.  To find out how long the process takes, I turned to an expert and consulted Tracey McVicker with SWBC Mortgage.  Tracey outlined the time frames below.  For more specific questions about the time period and process, feel free to contact Tracey directly by clicking here.  Hopefully you will never have to face this situation. But if it looks like you might, make sure to contact me as soon as possible to see if we can get your home sold and an alternative worked out so you don't have to wait so long to get back into a home again.

Foreclosure - After a

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The weather is finally supposed to be nice this weekend, so why not enjoy some sun and participate in the inaugural Mile High 5k race to benefit Brown Elementary. The event encourages physical fitness for all ages while raising funds for Brown's Wellness Committee, which provides Brown students with sports clubs, recycling opportunities, healthy foods for lunches and snacks, and the knowledge to make healthy choices.  For more information and registration, click here. 

The Mile High 5K is open to competitive and recreational runners and walkers.  The 1K fun run is great way to encourage people of all ages to be active and start a life-long love of running

Prizes will be awarded to top finishers in age categories.

Race Times:

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denvertraffic_495Rising gas prices have spurred homebuyers to look for homes that offer shorter commute times to work, according to a recent Inman News story regarding a survey of real estate professionals.

Three-quarters of respondents said the recent jump in gas prices had influenced where their clients chose to live. The main client concern was commute time to work: 89 percent of respondents said buyers look for homes closer to work and 93 percent said a continued rise in gas prices would prompt more homebuyers to choose to live where commute times are shorter.

Almost half (45 percent) of respondents said buyers are choosing homes closer to shops and services as a result of higher gas prices.
Respondents also attributed a rise in interest in urban living at least

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It can be a frustrating decision...when is the right time to drop the price on your Denver area home?


Live Urban Property Sign

Some people like to go purely by the numbers... I have heard Real Estate agents say that if the home has been on the market for 1 month, then it is time to drop the price. I have heard others say their rule is 20 showings with no offers, then a lower price is needed.

I think that you have to look at every case individually. I like to pull a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) on my listings each week to get a feel for what the hyper-local area is doing... Have new listings appeared in the neighborhood? Has anything gone Under Contract or Sold? These are definitely factors that have to be considered if you are going to lower the price of your home.

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