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houseinhand_320_01.I love online property search. It takes all of the information that used to be held captive by Real Estate agents and puts it in front of anyone who wants to see it. It allows you to search for your next place in the middle of the night. And it allows you to eliminate properties by looking through photos, instead of wasting gas and time driving around to see them.

BUT, it can have its limitations depending on how it is used. Let me explain. Most people use online property search tools by entering a set of parameters: minimum number of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Minimum Square Footage, Price, Garage, Basement, City, Zip, etc. Which is awesome. BUT, you can miss some really great properties that might fit your needs exactly if you set your parameters up with really…
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How can I get rid of all the downed tree branches that fell in my yard?  If you are like me, then you love the snow and the earlier it falls here in Denver, usually the better.  But when it comes when all the leaves are still on your tree, it can prove pretty troublesome, especially for your trees.  Luckily, the new, small trees I planted this spring look like they will survive but the giant, beautiful oak trees at one of my Denver rental properties didn’t make it out so lucky. 

I spent the morning clearing a gigantic tangle of oak branches from 32nd Avenue today so normal traffic patterns could resume and it would no longer be a one way street.  Now that it is cleared from the street, I have the problem of figuring out what to do with all the

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Who pays the Realtor's fees in Colorado? It is a great question and one that often comes up right after the excitement of going under contract on a home wears off and the finances come into play.  In the simplest terms, the seller pays the commission for both the listing agent selling the home and the buyer’s agent representing the buyer.

To get technical, the seller actually pays the Real Estate Company who is representing them.  The company in turn pays the Realtor representing the buyer.  So for buyers in Colorado, there is really no excuse to not have a Realtor representing you in the largest purchase you will ever make in your life.  It doesn’t cost the buyer a penny, you get professional representation and advice and an agent who knows the

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bulbs_400With the advent of Denver’s fabulous fall weather, and snow in the forecast, take advantage of the time to get your garden organized. Avid gardeners know that fall is the best time for planting, dividing and cleaning while enjoying the perfect Colorado light!

  • Divide crowed perennials, bulbs and grasses.
  • Dig up tuberous tender bulbs and bulbs.
  • Plant spring blooming bulbs.
  • Pull spent summer annuals and plant fall color -– winter pansies, kale and fall blooming perennials.
  • Plant shrubs and conifers with fall color and winter edible interest.
  • Prune appropriate trees and shrubs. Clean dead debris while leaving winter interest.
  • Rake leaves and grass clippings around plants for natural mulch.
  • Pull annuals and herbs inside a sunny window.
  • Over-seed lawn
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What’s the deal with the Beauvallon condos in Downtown Denver?  It is a question I get a lot.  In fact, of all the great buildings in Downtown Denver for sale, I get more inquiries and questions about the Beauvallon than all the other condo buildings Downtown combined. 

Why you may ask?  First, I believe it has a lot to do with striking appearance of the building.  The architecture is unlike any other building in the city and lots of people comment on how much they love the visual appeal of the building.  Second, and most importantly, is the pricing in the building.  Units that once sold for $500,000 now sell for under $300,000 and one bedroom units with great views can be had for less than $150,000.  So these prices must be too good to be

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As the leaves start to change, leaving Denver in a splendid array of orange, yellow and red, it signals the arrival of fall and that can only mean one thing, Halloween is just around the corner!  Halloween certainly isn’t just for kids anymore and if your inner child is going to come out and play this October, why not visit some of the fabulous haunted houses, corn mazes and pumpkin patches Denver has to offer.  The weather is usually perfect and it is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the last remainder of summer before winter sets in. 

To find the best haunted houses near you, click.  And for a full list of corn mazes and pumpkin patches, visit our blog here.  There are a surprisingly large number of corn mazes and pumpkin patches around the

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waiting.According to conventional wisdom when selling real estate, once you pass the Autumnal Equinox, there’s no sense in putting your house on the market. And if you’re a buyer, there’s no sense in looking for a house during the fall either. It’s widely believed that all the ‘good stuff’ will come on the market in the spring.

We think it’s time to reconsider that old thinking. According to statistics quoted by Denver Real Estate blogger John Rebchook on his widely-read InsideRealEstateNews.com, “The number of unsold homes in the Denver-area market are at an 11-year low.” And according to our statistics, that trend has continued in many Denver neighborhoods.
Combine this low inventory with interest rates that are as low as they’ve ever been, and you have a rare…
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Rediscover Tennyson Street this Saturday, October 15th from 10 am to 5 pm between 38th and 45th on Tennyson.   You have driven by and seen all the construction on Tennyson Street all summer.  Now come celebrate with the street as the construction winds down and discover all the amazing changes the street now has to offer.

Rediscover Tennyson will feature live music at Tenn Street Coffee & Books throughout the day, a free photo booth with a fall theme at Ooh Aah Jewelry, pumpkin patch, galleries open for art viewings, petting zoo and so much more.  There is lots of parking open now and great new sidewalks to stroll along.  It is going to be a beautiful day and if you are looking for something to do this weekend in Denver, why not head out and see

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What should I do to prepare my Denver lawn for winter?  As you are raking leaves, and with fall setting in, it sure is easy and tempting to forget about your Denver lawn until next spring.  After a summer of watering and mowing, most people won’t miss these weekly tasks.  But is it best to just leave your lawn be for the winter, or can you take steps now to help it through the cold months and to thrive once spring rolls around?

To answer this question, I consulted Shad Spencer with Spencer Quality Lawn Service.  According to Shad, it is very important to spend some time getting your lawn ready for winter now and before the snow sets in.  By taking these steps, you can greatly improve the health of your lawn now which will result in a greener lawn

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leaves_380LeafDrop is a leaf collection and composting program designed to keep leaves out of the landfill and off our streets. Each fall Denver Recycles offers Denver residents an alternative to disposing of their leaves by providing free drop sites throughout the city typically during the first three weekends in November.  All leaves collected at the drop sites are taken to A1 Organics where they are naturally recycled through composting over the winter. The resulting high quality landscaping and agricultural compost is made available for purchase at a deep discount in the spring at Denver’s annual Mulch Giveaway and Compost Sale.

In 2010, over 455 tons of leaves were collected and composted through LeafDrop! By participating in this program, Denver

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