October 2011

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rescue-renovation_303Update! November 18th, 2011. DIY is down to their last round of casting for Rescue Renovation in Denver! Do you have what it takes to be featured in this nationally-televised program?

DIY Network’s hit show “RESCUE RENOVATION” is now searching for do-it-yourself Denver area homeowners who have gotten in over their heads and have stalled in their home renovation project. Selected applicants should have started a remodel of one area of their home (demolition stage preferred), but are now stuck for one reason or another and don’t know what to do next.

Licensed contractor and host, Kayleen McCabe, and her team of experts will come to the rescue and save these project-challenged homeowners! Applicants must have an appropriate budget already set aside for

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Should I have a survey done when buying my Denver home?  It is an excellent question and one that is often overlooked when buying a Denver home.  The standard answer is no.  I would estimate that 90% of all buyers do not get a survey done when buying a home here in Denver.  But is that the best way to go?

To answer the question thoroughly, I turned to Jonathan Goodman, Real Estate Attorney with Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greeinstein, P.C.  According to an article written on the matter by Mr. Goodman, “While it is prudent for buyers to obtain ILCs for all purchases, this article is not suggesting that the expense of a survey is necessary for all transactions.”  So now we ask, what is an ILC and when is it prudent to spend the extra money for a full

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Help, how can I find a bus route close to my Denver home?  It is a great question, especially if you have ever spent any amount of time staring a bus schedule and realizing it might as well be in Swahili if you have never read a schedule before.  Luckily, the Denver RTD website has a very handy tool that allows you to put in your address and instantly see which bus, light rail and park and ride stations are close by.

This tool can be very helpful if you are trying to make that transition from driving every day, needing to get Downtown during rush hour and even when buying a home.  With traffic getting worse in Denver, public transportation is becoming more important for urban Denver and will only continue in the future which will undoubtedly

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How important are pictures to getting your Denver home sold? So important that I am writing my second blog on it this year alone. It still amazes me in the age of digital photography how bad and simply unprofessional so many Real Estate photos are. With over 90% of buyers finding their future home online, it is critical to have pictures that are clean, bright and crisp and that stand out to potential buyers. And with lots of buyers searching for homes on their smart phones that have incredibly clear picture resolution these days, the difference between pictures shot with the best equipment and those taken with entry level cameras and inexperienced photographers really stand out.

In the Real Estate world, latest form of high end photography is HDR. 

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