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i've been doing periodic posts on individual galleries and art districts, but since the artist talent pool in denver is so deep, it will take me a while to get to them all in such detail, so i wanted to do a quick post to remind you that a number of first friday art walks will be held tomorrow tonight. while the gallery and studio hours vary, most are open between the hours of 6p and 9p. the art walks are a great way to spend a friday night in denver, and who knows, maybe you'll develop a new artist crush...


first stop: the art district on santa fe - this art walk tends to get busy, so if you want to hit a few art walks, i'd suggest going on the early side.


the show to which i'm most looking forward at the art district

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The FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage. It certainly isn’t a mortgage type that gets a lot of press but the more I learn about it, the more I’m convinced it definitely should. According to Preston Luckett, loan consultant with Guild Mortgage, the FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) is a normal FHA loan where the borrower finances 100% of the expense of an “energy package” which saves the buyer more in 

energy costs over time than the cost of the improvements themselves.

Simply put, if you find the Denver house you love, but replacing all the appliances, hot water heater, furnace, etc., just seems too daunting a task, now you have an alternative. The EEM allows you to roll the expense of replacing these items, the energy package, into your loan so that you
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due to the fabulous weather in colorado, we can bbq all year long, but there is a marked increase in neighborhood bbq activity starting memorial day weekend. whatever the time of a year, consider enhancing your bbq with a wine tasting competition.


i've hosted blind wine tasting nights before where my friends and i will taste 4-6 different bottles of the same varietal of wine at vastly different price points. while fun, i read something on that put a competitive spin on wine tasting--instead of the host providing all of the wine, each guest brings two bottles of her favorite wine. the wine can be any varietal, but should be either all red or all white.


each guests wraps one of her bottles in kraft paper and marks it with a number unique to

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racelogofinal-media_400Thanks to everyone who participated in the Race To Your Next Place on May 19th. Here's the final tally of all the team scores: Team number and color (B or G), racer last names, and final score.



29b Sims Woody 253
13G Ruddell Ruddell 241
6B Martin O'Connell 230
25B Stewart Wicke 230
20B Callender Conner 228
26B Vonderheid Williams 227
14G Kallaway Stone 223
24G Klute Geddes 222
50G Tungesvick Maes 221
4B Macomber   217
1B Rice Rosenbach 216
15G Hersh Golden 216
41B Kieta Anile 214
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It is a long weekend I look forward to all year and I’m sure many others do too. It always marks the unofficial start to summer and what could be better than summer in Denver? If you aren’t heading up to the mountains, then there is plenty to do in Denver, enough to keep everyone busy and out and about. Click on the name of the event for more details and have fun.

Downtown Denver Arts Festival - Throughout Memorial Day Weekend at the Denver Pavilions, mix and mingle with thousands of fellow art lovers at the Downtown Denver Arts Festival, featuring more than 150 of Colorado’s best artists. One of the Mile High City’s premier cultural events, the 2011 festival attracted close to 150,000 people, who supported Colorado’s creative community by purchasing

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memorial day weekend...the unofficial start of summer and its many art, music, food, drink, and neighborhood festivals.  in the next ten days, there are at least two fabulous opportunities to start off your summer in an inspiring way by buying some art.  one of the best introductions to denver's art scene and its artists is first friday at the art district on santa fe between 6th & 12th avenues.  and lucky for you, there is a first friday coming up on june 1, 2012. this post includes works by a few of the many talented artists i've seen in the galleries throughout the years. and while the artists and galleries have changed, the santa fe art district continues to inspire.


there are 40+ galleries and artist studios open in the art district on santa fe on

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There is quite a bit to think about when buying a home and typically insurance is isn’t at the top of the list. Most buyers will make sure they can get insurance on the house they are buying and that is enough for them. But perhaps it would be wise to look further into the insurance history of the home and that is where a C.L.U.E. report comes in.

C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) is a claims history database generated by LexisNexis® that enables insurance companies to access consumer claims information when they are underwriting or rating an insurance policy. That sounds great for insurance companies, so why is it important to you?

A C.L.U.E. report is important to you because it allows you to see any past claims the current owner of…
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in law school, a few of my classmates gave me the nickname "monica," as in monica geller from nbc's sitcom friends. unfortunately for my husband, the nickname was not given to me because i look like courtney cox; rather, i got the nickname because i share some of her character's personality traits, which in my opinion are less than desirable.


monica was known for being obsessively clean, perhaps anally retentive. i'm self aware enough to realize that i have natural tendencies towards that type of behavior, but my tendencies were tempered (albeit slightly) after getting a dog eight years ago. bo made me care more about spending time with him and mike than making sure the house was immaculate. i'm grateful to have learned that lesson, but after taking a

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as a part of my interest in design, i developed a passion (perhaps an addiction) for art.  while it can be a wall filler, art also allows you to express you personality in your home.  and lucky for you, the denver art scene is amazing--the talent pool is deep, the artists are accessible, and the galleries aren't stuffy. this will be the first of a handful of periodic posts that feature denver galleries/art events. i chose to feature pirate: contemporary art ( first as it is where i first saw the work of wes magyar in 2001. wes remains my favorite denver artist.


pirate: contemporary art is an artists cooperative in northwest denver at 3655 navajo street. while the artist members have changed over time, pirate: contemporary

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Can you believe your chance to win $10,000 is only a few days away? I know there are lots of participants who can’t wait and have been looking forward to this day for months, and why shouldn’t they? There is still time to sign up so if you have been on the fence about it, now is the time to register and start collecting points.

If you have registered already, then you can easily start collecting points to give you a head start on the competition by visiting  Remember, it is not an actual race but a game of wits and strategy. Plus, we will be raising a ton of money for a great cause, Habitat for Humanity, so invite a friend and don’t miss out.

For more information, make sure to visit and check

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