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With the extreme fire danger, it only makes sense that seeing fireworks this year isn’t going to be as easy as it has been in the past. There is a statewide ban on fireworks with the exception being public displays. And even with that, the majority of large shows we normally attend have been cancelled this year which is certainly understandable.

But if you are still needing to get your fireworks fix, then worry not. I found a list of the statewide firework shows on The Denver Channel, click here, and highlighted the Denver metro area shows for your convenience. The fun starts off tonight with fireworks at the Rockies game and continues through the week. Have fun this 4th of July and please, for everyone’s sake, be safe with fireworks.

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As long as I have lived in Denver, I don’t remember it being this hot for so long, especially this early in the year. I’m trying to find ways to cool my house, without A/C and a small swamp cooler, it is pretty miserable. As I swelter in my house, I look with envy at my neighbor’s house that stays in the shade all day long thanks to two large shade trees and it makes me realize just how much shade trees can help to keep a home stay cool during these hot, hot days.

It is no secret how much shade trees can help and luckily there is a great organization called The Park People that provides trees for Denver residents at little to no cost for homeowners. They have a spring and fall tree distribution and the application for the fall trees will be available
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cfl-huge_120It’s 3 AM. You stumble into the bathroom for some late night relief. You reach for the light switch only to find that your CFL bulb is dead. Again. There’s a reason for that. Despite the much-heralded advancements in CFL technology, there are still some kinks to be ironed out. Yes, CFL bulbs last six to ten times longer on average than incandescent bulbs, but that’s only if they’re used properly. For example, did you know that CFL bulbs can’t be used in dimmers?  These factors considerably shorten a CFL’s lifespan:

Dimmers - Only use CFL bulbs specifically designed for dimmers – otherwise you’re reducing the lifespan by 85% – 100%! The lifespan is still reduced if you leave the dimmer on high constantly.

Heat & Humidity – Heat and humidity cut into a CFL’s…
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cruisincity_640.Imagine hopping on your bike, meeting up with a few hundred friends and pedaling down Colfax on a warm summer night. This really happens every Wednesday night in downtown Denver, as happy bikers ride through the streets and then converge at Civic Center Park for a “Circle of Death” ride, live music and food truck snacks. I have been participating in the zany themed Denver Cruisers rides for a quite some time, and have watched it grow every year to now include hundreds of bikers each week. Last week the theme was bubble wrap, duct tape and cardboard...yes, creativity abounds! Best people watching anywhere in town!

This phenomenon is not limited to downtown dwellers, cruiser rides can be found in towns up and down the front range. Boulder’s Happy Thursday…
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We just listed this super-cute, super-clean, ready to move in or rent Skyline Ridge end-unit townhome in Arvada. Located at the West edge of the community, this home has unbelievable views from almost every window and balcony! 10350 W 55th Lane #201 is a beautifully maintained home, and the community has 61% owner occupancy so bring your FHA buyers! 2 big bedrooms, 2 full baths, over 1300 square feet with 2 balconies and perfectly located near future light rail station, developing retail, amazing recreation facilities and all that Arvada has to offer, as well as easy access to I70!   arvada home for sale   Oversized 1-car attached garage is conveniently located below the living space, with an interior door leading to the front entry. arvada home   arvada real estate light rail   Keep in mind that these…
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for the past four years, i've worked from home, which means i am around when the many solicitors knock on our door to recruit me to their religion, sell me their wares, or pull at my heart strings for a donation. as an entrepreneur, i appreciate their entrepreneurial spirit, but i've already found god, i have everything i need, and i've chosen the charities that receive my time and money. so, i started searching for a no soliciting sign. i didn't realize how difficult it would be to find one that was weather resistant, not too commercial looking, polite (or at least not impolite), and appropriate to hang on the front gate in our historic neighborhood. i found four potential options.


option no. 1.  available on etsy.com from mommamosaics, this sign

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Metrolist, the largest real estate multiple listing service (MLS) serving Colorado real estate agents, recently reported data suggesting the Denver real estate market is heading towards a seller's market, something unimaginable just one year ago. Their report, published on June 7th, shows increased sales volume and price in our residential real estate market.

Unit sales for single family residences the Denver residential market climbed to 4,625 in May, a 19% increase over the previous month. Average days on market (DOM) according to Metrolist, the provider of REcolorado.com, dropped 13% to 78 days.




The average sales price, meanwhile, jumped further in May, rising to $284,059, a 3% gain from April's average of $275,241. Excluding condos,

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whether you rent or own, your home should be a refuge from life's stressors, somewhere you can go and simply "be." your home also should reflect your personality. the pictures below capture some of my favorite design elements in our current home. it is almost impossible to take myself or life too seriously when surrounded by same.


the cb2.com planters on our front porch remind me of oscar the grouch’s home on sesame street. i wish he actually lived in one.


after years of unsuccessful attempts at keeping flowers alive in our east-facing planter, my brown thumb and i resorted to flamingos and already dead tall grass, which turned out to be much less maintenance.


here’s a closer look of the flamingos peeking out from the grass. many of our

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I want mountain views. It is a request that I get from prospective home buyers all the time, especially people moving in from out of state. Most out of state buyers are surprised initially that Denver isn’t actually in the mountains. And once they realize it isn’t, then they at least want killer mountain views.

With Denver being relatively flat and having lots of large trees, finding mountain views isn’t near as easy as one would think. As a result, I see a lot of buyers looking near the foothills and the west side of the Denver metro area for mountain views. And while you can get a small glimpse of the mountains from the west side, to truly experience the majesty of the front range, you actually have to go east.

There are a handful of neighborhoods around
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i don’t know about you, but summer is our busiest season for overnight guests.  colorado is such an amazing place that our friends love to visit, and of course, we love to show off our great state.  i thought i'd share some tips on how to make overnight guests feel welcome in your home. 


most of these tips i've learned through business travel, but before i get to the tips, i want to first share the most important lesson i've learned from business travel. the non-traveling spouses/partners of many of my former colleagues who travel frequently for business seemed to think that business travel was one big party--five-star hotels, expensive dinners, late nights at the bars, etc.


while it is true that those are components of business travel, i assure

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