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How much water do you and your Denver neighbors use? With the drought we are in, I have tried to be more efficient with my water use this summer by cutting back on watering as much as I can while still keeping my lawn a pale shade of green.

When I saw this map, I was kind of surprised. I expected my neighborhood of Berkeley to be one of the lower use neighborhoods in all of Denver. For the most part, the homes in Berkeley have average sized lots and you don’t see a lot of grass. Many in the neighborhood have tried to conserve by xeriscaping and getting rid of lawns. So I was surprised to see that Berkeley is labeled a “water addict” which is topped only by “drowning” in how much a neighborhood uses.

It doesn’t surprise me too much that areas like Hilltop,
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With the Denver market so hot right now, and with prices rising all over town, we are starting to see more and more appraisal issues once again. It isn’t that the home isn’t worth it, there simply aren’t enough sales in the past 12 months to help support some of the prices we are seeing. This is causing more and more deals to crash and leaving some very frustrated buyers and sellers.

Unfortunately, the fact that there are 10 offers on a property doesn’t weigh into the appraisers decision about value. Appraisers have to have solid evidence on paper to show the underwriters that the value is there. While you can’t change your square footage, lot size or finish level before the appraiser comes, you can take steps to make sure your home looks its absolute
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  Aria Denver


Aria Denver is coming, have you heard of it yet? It isn’t often that a groundbreaking for a new residential development attracts the attention of the Mayor and plenty of news coverage. But when a development is as unique and impactful as Aria will be, it’s certainly understandable why it’s getting noticed.

Aria Denver is the redevelopment of the 25 acre Marycrest campus in Northwest Denver on the corner of 53rd and Federal. The redevelopments vision is unique in that it intends to create a diverse, tight knit community with a sense of place that increases residents’ health and the health of our environment. The development embraces the legacy of community improvement and environmental stewardship. This isn’t going to be your standard collection of
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Is it possible to get financing in The Glass House right now? It is a problem I have been running into lately with some great new listings coming on the market in there and buyers wanting to buy, but having trouble getting financing. The answer is yes, you can get financing, but there are conditions.

According to the homeowners association for the Glass House, the litigation involves the air conditioning system in the building not being installed properly by the developer when it was built. It isn’t a major problem like some condo buildings see, but it will probably take at least 18 months to sort out.

What this means to buyers and sellers in the building is that as long as the litigation is going on, the building will be non-warrantable.
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The 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge kicks off this Monday in Durango and concludes Sunday, the 26th, right here in Denver. Last year, I missed the inaugural Pro Cycling Challenge as riders flew past our office on the way to the finish line. This year, based on the huge turnout and response from last year, I am going to make sure to not miss it again.

It always amazed me that there wasn’t a major bike race in Colorado before last year. But based on what I found out about it on their website, click here, I think it is definitely here to stay. According to the website, “The inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge was the most demanding bike race ever held on American soil, with racers experiencing breathless altitudes, day after day. The race brought the high
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4th Annual Sunnyside Music Fest Battle of the Bands

Local Music, Local Food, Local Drinks @Local 46
$10/ ticket - food and beverages also available for purchase - proceeds benefit Sunnyside Music Fest! Kids under 12 can attend this family friendly event for free

Your $10 admission gets you a day of live music and spectacular deals on local food and drink from our sponsors, free kids fun and check out our silent auction benefitting Sunnyside Music Festival on Sept 8th.

$2 off when you bring a non=perishable food item to the event benefitting our 2012 charity Bienvenidos Food Bank!


Jake Leg Shakers
Spider Kings
Pedal Faster
Hayward Strangers
Carnie Bums
Elmo Chesterhazy
The Guests
Ten Pound Elephant

Pre-sale tickets are available online NOW!




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When I arrived at the Wheat Ridge Farmers market this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to be handed a ten dollar voucher towards produce at the market and a buy one get one free card to Chipotle. Come to find out, it is the Farmers Market Tour this week at Chipotle.

I hadn’t heard of Farmers Market Tour before, but learned it is Chipotle’s way of giving back to local farmers and encouraging all of us to support and buy locally grown produce. According to their website, “Chipotle buys the very best, fresh, wholesome ingredients for our burritos, and this year we’ll purchase more than 10 million pounds of local produce. You have access to the same fresh ingredients, directly from the people who grow them, simply by visiting your local farmers market.”


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Whenever I see Denver Real Estate mentioned in the national media it immediately catches my eye, especially when the story delivers more positive news about the Denver market. The latest report I saw on, click here, shows that average asking price for a Denver home has increased the 5th most nationwide. According to the data from, the average asking price in Denver has increased 8.6% from this time last year.

While this doesn’t mean that the average home has appreciated 8.6% since this time last year, keep in mind this is the asking price, not the final sales price, the data is still very encouraging. If you reference a blog I did a few weeks back, click here,  you will see that the average days on market for a Denver home is right

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It is always exciting when a new development gets started, especially when it takes the place of a piece of property that has sat vacant for years and it is already obvious the positive change the development will bring to the neighborhood. Hence the excitement for the groundbreaking of Aria Denver.

What: Aria Denver
For urban-minded people of all ages, Aria Denver is the modern, sustainable neighborhood that intentionally creates a community because only Aria Denver, located eight minutes from downtown, supports a healthy and simplified lifestyle, easy access to continued education from Regis University, and embraces urban agriculture. Aria Denver is a unique community that allows you to Cultivate Life.
Come and learn about the community. Bring the
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money_home_400Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the health care legislation, all of its major provisions remain in effect, including the new tax that was designed to affect upper income taxpayers. Among the concerns expressed among consumers is that the tax amounts to a transfer tax on real estate. Not true.

Shortly after the federal government enacted sweeping healthcare reform, there was considerable concern over a last-minute addition to the legislation: a 3.8 percent tax on investment income of upper-income households to help shore up Medicare. The tax takes effect in 2013.

The 3.8% tax is imposed ONLY on those with more than $200,000 of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) ($250,000 on a joint return). The tax applies to investment income, defined as interest, dividends,

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