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In an age when we are all trying to be more green, there is nothing worse than finishing moving and looking at the gigantic stack of cardboard boxes left over. Sure, they can be recycled, but since they aren’t going to fit into your purple bin, I would guess that most just end up in a landfill.

As an alternative, the next time you move how about checking out a new company called Denver’s Moving Boxes. Instead of buying cardboard boxes, you can rent hard sided, plastic boxes that are easy to pack and just as importantly, stack. Simply let the company know how many boxes you need, they deliver them to your door along with packing supplies and pick them up at your new house when you are done.

No more messing with broken cardboard boxes, packing tape and

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Can interest rates get any lower?  I keep going to closing after closing and I'm amazed at the interest rates that buyers are currently getting.  2.75% for a 15 year fixed....seriously?  That is free money folks, I can't imagine a better time to buy a house then right now!

Forbes forecast for 2012-2013 states that the short-term interest rates will remain in microscopic territory through 2013. Mortgage rates surged lower again today, continuing an ongoing push into lower all-time lows.  Can you believe a 30-year fixed is 3.25%?  Not to date myself, but I can remember when we had mortgages in the 12% today's low rates are really a bargain.  If you have been on the fence it's time to jump off and take the plunge into home ownership.  With

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Do you find it surprising that if you buy a twenty dollar electronic gadget that you get an owner's manual for it, but when you spend $300,000 for a house, you get nothing? I realize it would be difficult to have an owner's manual for an entire house. It would probably be hundreds of pages and way too expensive to put together. But for such a large investment and for having so many working parts, it sure would be nice to have something to turn to when you need it most.

Luckily, for all homeowners, there now exists an owner's manual for your home. Meet According to their website, BrightNest is a free service that helps homeowners by providing customized tips, weekly reminders and step-by-step instructions on how to care for their home. When
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denver_union_station_04_400Most folks that are downtown sipping on cocktails or taking in a ballgame aren't aware of the amazing progress that is taking place right behind Union Station. Crews are currently on track to complete the transit phase of the redevelopment of the historic train station and surrounding area. As recently reported by the Denver Post, the main elements of the transit plan are 65 percent complete.

The huge, underground regional bus facility is 70 percent complete, having been built in two stages. It is a massive 1,000 feet long and will have 22 bus bays, replacing the current Market Street Station. The commuter-rail station, which will be right behind Union Station will be covered by a 44,000 sq ft canopy similar to that at DIA. This portion of the project

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Have you heard of the Section 184 Indian Housing Loan Guarantee Program? The program was designed to offer home-ownership and rehabilitation opportunities for eligible Native American individuals, families, Tribes and Tribally Designated Housing Entities (including Indian Housing Authorities) on their native lands and within an approved Indian area as defined in HUD. It is one of the best mortgage products out there and the best part is that it applies to all homes in Colorado.

I spoke with a lender recently, Todd McManigal, who specializes in this program and he raved about all the benefits it provides. Looking over the highlights below, I see why. It is near impossible to find a loan with this low of down payment, no mortgage insurance and no maximum
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A short sale is a situation when the current owners of a home owe more than the home is worth and are behind on mortgage payments. Since they can't sell the home and get out from under it, as an alternative, the homeowner can go to the servicer of their loan and ask them to accept less than what is owed on the home if the homeowner can find a buyer for it. Oftentimes, the bank who holds the loan will agree to selling short on the home or taking less than what is owed on it for a number of reasons.

If a home goes to foreclosure, it ends up costing the bank a significant amount of money. First, they will rack up about $40,000 in legal fees. Second, they have to sit on the home for an average of 9 months or so while the foreclosure process goes through the
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Cultivate Festival - Chicago, IL

The Chipotle Cultivate Festival will be coming to City Park in Denver October 6th and it is not to be missed. I’m kind of surprised to find myself promoting two events in less than a month on this blog for Chipotle. But like their Farmers Market tour, I think this free event is definitely worth putting on the calendar and checking out.

The Cultivate Festival is Chipotle’s mission to bring together farmers, chefs, thought leaders, artist, musicians and participants like us for a journey towards a world of more sustainable, wholesome and delicious food.

The event will have live music throughout the day, cooking demonstrations from local and nationally famous chefs, food tents to try new Chipotle recipes, interactive activities with local farmers and
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Buying a home in Denver is 56% cheaper than renting according to a new study by I did a double take when I read this, like I imagine you might be doing now. Could that possibly be true? I knew the rental market in Denver was on fire, but so is the Real Estate market.

The article is eye opening and it appears that buying in every large metro area in the U.S. right now is cheaper than renting. These figures are run with a 20% down payment on a home which certainly isn’t realistic for all home buyers. But even with the minimum 3.5% down it works out to still be cheaper to buy in Denver than rent. To read the full article in detail, click here. Below is a breakdown of how they calculated this figure of 56%. Once again, just more reasons why now is
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 What do you love about Denver? It is a question that I get every so often, especially when I have a new client in the car from out of state. I typically babble on about the mountains being so close, the great restaurants, parks, events and how active the community is. But as I was driving back into town the other day after a week on the road, I got to wondering what else it is I love about living in Denver?
I’m sure if I thought long and hard about it, and it is something I plan to do when I have more time, I could put into words all the reasons I choose to call Denver home. But for now, I think I will turn towards pictures to help define what I feel truly expresses the heart and soul of Denver.

In doing so, I look to one of my favorite Denver
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In the Real Estate industry, credit score is king. You can get a loan with an average credit score, but to see the absolute best rates possible, you really need to have a good or great credit score, something above 720. Getting above this magic number of 720 can change your interest rate by as much as a half percent and when you are talking interest paid on $300,000, that is quite a bit over the life of a loan.

I had always wondered what influences credit scores the most. I had always heard the obvious, paying your bills on time, but there is much more to it than that. How long you have had an account open, how much debt you have, the types of loans and diversity of loans in your portfolio all factor into the all important credit score. I found an
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