5280 Loop - One of the Coolest Things to do in Denver

Posted by Live Urban Real Estate on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 at 9:09am.

The Mile High City; the city of the moment - the city of cool. World class dining, unbeatable outdoor recreation, unique neighborhoods and breathtaking scenery await all who visit and reside in Denver, CO.  But, one of the coolest things to do in Denver (The Square on 21st) has vanished into thin air, only to be resurrected on a larger scale! The upcoming 5280 Loop will connect the hottest locations in Denver, and will be designed as a pedestrian’s oasis throughout the city.

The Coolest Things to do in Denver

Based on this past summer’s popular pop up park (The Square on 21st), the 5280 Loop will combine recreation areas and pedestrian throughways for use by all residents and visitors. The project will connect Downtown Denver, Coors Field, Union Station, The Auraria Campus, The State Capitol, The Art District, Uptown and more! According to the Downtown Denver Partnership, “ The 5280 Loop will create a safe and stimulating route for the center city’s rapidly growing population of residents, employees and visitors [...]. More than a trail, it will add open space to Downtown and provide a safe and beautiful place to actively recreate and engage with the Downtown neighborhoods, cultural amenities and more.” 

To learn more about the pop up park that started it all, hop on over to our feature on The Square on 21st

If you thought the 5280 Loop couldn’t get any cooler, consider that the project will repurpose underutilized streets throughout Denver - effectively polishing up our gem of a city and making clever use of dead end blocks and unfrequented areas. Dually named for its symbolic mile high location and the path’s actual 5.28 mile distance, the 5280 Loop is sure to become an icon of Colorado and one of the coolest things to do in Denver. 

5280 Loop Denver

“The urban planner in me gets excited about the unique connectivity and transit options this presents. Imagine riding your bike around the entire loop. A giant, circular park, connecting Denver's downtown-adjacent neighborhoods!” John Skrabec, Owner and Founder of Live Urban Real Estate 

“This is the stuff of grown up and vibrant cities! Denver has a long history of investing in its public spaces. Bold ideas and civic involvement have helped make Denver the great city it is now, and position it to become even better. What a treasure this will be for future Denverites and visitors alike.” Jana Miller, Managing Broker of Live Urban Real Estate



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