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With the sale slated the close in December, 2010, it did not take long for Buyers, Political Activist Tim Gill and his husband, Scott Miller to jump on the purchase of this historic landmark which they are planning to reside in as their primary residence.  An extended closing date was necessary ONLY in order for the Mansion to be able to accomodate events already scheduled through out 2010.  

The Phipps Mansion, which has been owned and operated by the University of Denver since the 1960's, is located in Denver's prestigious Belcaro neighborhood at 3400 Belcaro Drive.  Operating as an events center for both campus and public use, this fabulous Georgian-style Tudor mansion and Mediterranean-style tennis pavilion is designated as an historic landmark and

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flip-this-house-logo_300Working with investors who fix and flip homes is one of my favorite parts of this job.  Whether they are seasoned professionals who buy several properties a month, or if they are a newbie to the game looking for their first deal, the fun is often in the hunt.  The biggest challenge?  Helping those new to the industry secure financing. 

We recently completed a deal with Pine Financial providing a hard money loan – and the deal went extremely smoothly, for both the buyer and the seller.  So, I am happy to share this article from this weekend’s Denver Post, featuring Pine Financial…If you are considering jumping into any sort of investment property venture, contact us, we would be happy to help you get started!

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How is the Denver Real Estate Market doing?  In a new study out by Bloomberg Businessweek, Denver has been named America's most improved market. 

According to the report, "In Denver, the economy and employment slowed just as other areas did during the recession, but things appear to be moving in the right direction this year.  Denver-Aurora-Broomfield metro-area home prices increased 5.8 percent in the first quarter from the same period of 2009 as sales grew and distressed sales fell. 

It also notes signs of the area's reviving economy, including prospects of rising employment.  "An influx of renewable energy companies and the relocation of kidney care giant DaVita's headquarters to Denver from California in 2009 are expected to create jobs,"

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June,  2010

This is the latest in a series of reviews discussing real estate trends in Denver.  There are clear markers along the way to show Denver is recovering from darker days and rebuilding equity into our home values.  While the larger question of life after the tax credit still remains unanswered for a few months, it is clear the positive trends in Denver are greater than other metro areas around the country. 

Overall, Denver home sales increased by 10%  for the year compared to 2009.   There was a 20% increase in May to May sales.  The number of days on the market dropped by 28% and prices rose by 4.3% over May 2009.  The average sales price in Denver is now $273285.

Condos still offer great values for lower maintenance and increases

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Is it possible to help the environment and save money at the same time?  It may sound like a contradiction but with the new solar panel "rental" promotion, this scenario is becoming a reality.

Finally, the average homeowner can reduce their carbon footprint and save money too.  Going solar has never been easier.  Years ago it would have cost thousands to purchase and install a photovoltaic system and would take 10+ years to recoup your costs. 

Local solar installers such as Boulder's Namaste Solar, have partnered up with a financing company to provide solar system "rentals".  With little or no up front cost, you can have a photovoltaic system installed and maintained for less than your current monthly electrical bill.  The current energy rate is

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  What Downtown Denver condo buildings have pet restrictions?  I get this question a lot when people are looking to buy in a condo building, especially Downtown.  It is truly amazing how us Denverites revolve so much of our everyday life around or dogs, but who can blame us?  I have had buyers willing to spend thousands more on a condo that is pet friendly or close to a park, so wanting to know up front which buildings have restrictions makes complete sense.

While most buildings in Denver allow dogs, there are quite a few that have restrictions or don't allow dogs or pets at all.  Below is a small list of buildings that have some type of restrictions.  These restrictions could be anything from a limit on the size of the dog, how many you can have, or not…
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streetfair2003heidi_350The 28th Annual Highlands Street Fair on 32nd Avenue between Perry &  Julian Streets on Sat, June 19th!

The Neighborhood's biggest event is coming in just two weeks, on Saturday, June 19, 2010! We're excited to be located right in the middle of Highland Square. Look for our booth right in front of our office! Stop by and say "Hi!". While you are there, register to win an iPad! We'll also have a great booth with fun activities just for kids at the KidZone up the street at 32nd and Osceola.

The Highlands Street Fair is held annually on the Saturday of Father's Day weekend, on 32nd Avenue between Perry and Julian Streets. The family friendly event is for all ages and it's free. Attractions include a children's area, classic car show, food courts and beer

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In a short 6 weeks, Denver's bike sharing program is gaining momentum!  But for many of us, there is still some confusion as to how the program works.  Thanks to an article written by one of LIVE Urban Denver's buyers, Colleen O'Connor, and presented in today's Denver Post, an explanation has been provided!

B-Cycle, as the program is typically referred to, has nearly 8,000 registered users which includes 830 annual members for a network of 400 bikes available for use at 42 stations.  To date, the number of checkouts has been 16,500 (that's a a lot of pedaling)!

To eliminate some confusion, B-Cycle is not a bike rental program, but a bike sharing program. It's designed for short, one-way trips.  When you arrive at your destination, you dock the bike at

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I need help with a down payment.  Are there any down payment assistance programs left to help me buy a house in Denver now?

 While down payment assistance used to be the norm for first time buyers, it has been quite awhile since I wrote an offer asking the seller to contribute 6% towards the buyers closing costs and down payment assistance.  But could those days be coming back?  There is surprisingly a large number of down payment assistance programs currently available through local counties and cities for those needing help getting extra funds to buy and close. 

Many of these programs have restrictions and some require the money to be paid back, usually interest free over a period of time.  These programs can offer a great way for buyers to get

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Over the weekend I visited the South Pearl Farmers’ Market where I met Ashleigh Quillen, graduate student in the University of Colorado Denver’s Landscape Architecture program.  Ashleigh is not only a student of landscape architecture, but her and fellow classmate, Ryan Sotirakis, have developed an interesting concept for the urban farm – growing a vegetable garden in the back of a 1966 Ford F250.  Using technology found in green roofing systems, Ashleigh and Ryan were able to retrofit the truck bed into a mobile garden containing all the essential ingredients for fresh salsa (tomatoes, various peppers, cabbages, shallots, Spanish yellow onion, cilantro and Boxwood basil).  While planting a garden in the bed of truck may not be every gardener’s dream,

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