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How can I live a more green lifestyle?  We hear that a lot as Realtors and dealing with houses on a daily basis, the obvious answer that pop to our brains are items like solar, energy efficient appliances, new insulation, etc.  The aspect we often forget about though is perhaps the most important to our survival, water. 

Unfortunately, water is the often forgotten aspect of the "green" movement.  Perhaps because it isn't sexy, can't be solved by driving a hybrid, and you can't really buy fancy gadgets to truly solve the problem, it oftentimes is ignored.  But considering that the human body is up to 70 percent water, let's face it, its kind of important.  So just as critical it is for us to conserve gas and electricity, it is equally important to

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I realize I might be an unlikely source for botanical information, but this can affect the health of people and pets, and there are also environmental impacts. Myrtle Spurge (see photos) is a highly toxic weed that is more prevalent in the suburbs, but I've seen it in some city yards. It was originally sold as an ornamental plant, so it's one of the nicer looking noxious weeds you'll see, but these things are really nasty.
First of all, if you have Myrtle Spurge in your yard, please don't touch it. Brushing up against it should be OK, but cutting it -- either by mowing, weed-wacking or picking it -- releases a milky white sap that causes severe blister-like burns. Obviously, if it can do that to your skin, getting the sap in your eyes or ingesting it is…
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paint_remodel_291Starting in April of 2010, the EPA will be enforcing a new set of regulations that apply to renovations on pre-1978 homes.  Anyone that’s purchased an older home has signed a lead-paint disclosure form (which basically states that you’re aware of the potential presence), but few think much about it beyond closing on the property. Each year in the United States over 300,000 children between the ages of 1 and 5 are found to have elevated levels of lead in their bodies.  High levels of exposure can cause severe brain damage and even low levels have been linked to lower IQ levels.

As the April enforcement deadline nears, other contractors in town are scrambling to enroll in the class which is now backlogged several  months.  Here in Denver, permits for

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Whether potential buyers are driving around scoping out “For Sale” signs, or flipping through listing photos online, curb appeal is everything. It’s the difference between “I want to look at this house, it might be the one” and “No thanks, blah.”

 Most online listings feature the exterior view as the main photo – so it doesn’t matter if you just installed a Million Dollar kitchen or a Master Suite to die for – if the front of the place isn’t impressive, you are losing the majority of your audience before they even think about unlocking the door or clicking the link for more photos or information.

 Here our my favorite quick tips that make a huge difference with very little time or money invested:

  • If the storm door is ugly or unnecessary, remove it.
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In the past, I have received lots of compliments on our website.  When I heard we were going to get a new one, I started to think of the old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  But after seeing our new website for the first time this week, I can only say, WOW!

If you haven't seen it yet, definitely check it out at  Any questions about Real Estate and living in Urban Denver can easily be answered on this website.  Below are some of the highlights you definitely need to check out.  The search engine is so good that many agents in our office, myself included, will be using the search on the website instead of the MLS on occasion.

1.  Search Listings - In this incredibly advanced search engine you can search by city, zip

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Isn't it amazing how we break out our shorts and flip flops once we reach 65 degrees in April here in Denver?  Just like most of us who can't wait for those sunny April days after a hard, Colorado winter, your house gets excited too.  Winters here in Colorado with the constantly changing temperatures and moisture levels aren't easy on your home.  After six months of expanding and contracting and snow trying to find its way in, April therefore becomes one of the most important times of year for home maintenance. 

Not only does it allow you to identify and repair any damage from winter, but also allows you to prepare your home for ninety degree days once we reach the heart of summer.  Especially with the older homes around Denver, proper maintenance

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HOA Basics 

First, let’s take a look at what HOAs are all about. HOA fees often range from $200 to $400 per month. The more upscale the building and the more amenities it has, the higher the homeowners’ association fees are likely to be. In addition to monthly fees, if a major expense such as a new roof or a new elevator comes up and there aren’t enough funds in the HOA’s reserves to pay for it, the association may charge an extra assessment that can run into the thousands of dollars.

Because multiple parties live in the same building, all residents of condominiums and townhomes must be equally responsible for maintaining the common areas of the building such as landscaping, elevators, swimming pools, clubhouses, parking garages, fitness

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It appears that the market is certainly picking up as the big deadline for the Tax Credit approaches.  In the past week, I have had three separate buyers have to deal with a multiple offer situation on the house they fell in love with.  Two of these homes had been on the market for about a month and another for 3 months!

What does this mean?  It means that  spring is upon us and people are getting out shopping again.  But it also is reminiscent of last October when we thought the Tax Credit was going to expire in November.  Already I am seeing the same trends develop and buyers procrastinating on their home search.  I found this great article on how to best prepare to find a home in April, and most importantly, see this home close so you

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I recently attended a real estate investor meeting regarding buying foreclosures for fix and flips. It was a packed room. As I scanned the faces in the room, I tried to determine how many people were actually investors. The few I spoke to were other agents, financing and loan originators, or contractors. By the nature of the questions to the presenter, there were a number of participants who knew little of the process but eager to learn how they could profit as well.

The continual popularity of Do It Yourself shows on cable channels proves there is a bit of Bob Villa in all of us. The words “Your can do it, we can help” created a confidence in American consumers that they just need to ask any expert in an orange apron and perfection in

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While our family was in London last month, we had the opportunity to visit with many of my husband’s overseas friends and family, and I found it really interesting that several of them mentioned the 16th Street Mall when relating their experiences visiting Colorado.  Obviously, the mall makes an impression on visitors, especially those who spend some time exploring downtown on foot.  As a long-time resident, I never really give the mall a second thought - sure, if I’m downtown I might hit one of the restuarants on the mall for lunch or happy hour, but I have to admit that I tend to gravitate toward the independently-owned restaurants Uptown or in Riverfront because parking near the mall is such a pain.   It would be different if I worked nearby

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