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I recently attended a real estate investor meeting regarding buying foreclosures for fix and flips. It was a packed room. As I scanned the faces in the room, I tried to determine how many people were actually investors. The few I spoke to were other agents, financing and loan originators, or contractors. By the nature of the questions to the presenter, there were a number of participants who knew little of the process but eager to learn how they could profit as well.

The continual popularity of Do It Yourself shows on cable channels proves there is a bit of Bob Villa in all of us. The words “Your can do it, we can help” created a confidence in American consumers that they just need to ask any expert in an orange apron and perfection in

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While our family was in London last month, we had the opportunity to visit with many of my husband’s overseas friends and family, and I found it really interesting that several of them mentioned the 16th Street Mall when relating their experiences visiting Colorado.  Obviously, the mall makes an impression on visitors, especially those who spend some time exploring downtown on foot.  As a long-time resident, I never really give the mall a second thought - sure, if I’m downtown I might hit one of the restuarants on the mall for lunch or happy hour, but I have to admit that I tend to gravitate toward the independently-owned restaurants Uptown or in Riverfront because parking near the mall is such a pain.   It would be different if I worked nearby

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As Realtors, it seems like we almost always have an answer for your question, or at least know where to find it.  The one question that we can’t answer  is the one we get all the time, is this neighborhood safe?  Constrained by fair housing laws, we aren’t allowed to declare neighborhoods safe or “bad mouth” them either.  All we are allowed to do is suggest that you check out any area you are considering buying.

So the next question we obviously get is, where do I find out the safety of a neighborhood?  To get cold hard facts, you can always go online to get the latest crime statistics and reports.  These will give you a sense of crime rates, but if you aren’t familiar with the graphs and plots and what the numbers really mean, it can be quite

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