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Can I have a gas grill on my deck if I buy this condo?  That was the question my buyer asked on Sunday as she got ready to put an offer in on a 5th story condo in Downtown Denver.  I had always heard that as long as the gas tank was less than a pound, it was fine.  However, I recently heard of buildings such as the Spire that don't allow gas grills on the deck, period.  So I thought to best answer this question, better go to the source. 

I contacted 311 and within 24 hours, I had a response via email from Captain Donald Randolph, Denver Fire Department, Fire Prevention and Investigation Division.  Below is what he sent me outlining the regulations for gas grills on decks in Denver.  While these rules pertain to all of Denver, make sure to check with the

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Is Jefferson Park the next hot spot in Denver Real Estate? Some think so, including builder/redeveloper Barbara Baker. Barbara has been redeveloping and renovating properties in the neighborhood for years, including her own residence currently for sale.

The neighborhood is named for the 6.7-acre park located on W 23rd Ave & Clay St, which features great views of the city skyline. The area, bounded by I-25, Speer, Federal & 20th Ave, offers quick access to I-25 & downtown, and attractions such as Mile High Stadium, Children's Museum, Denver's Aquarium & more. With striking views of the city, Jefferson Park offers great value in an area now in the throws of renewal and revitalization. New townhomes & condos are popping up, and renovated homes are

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What is the best time to plant in Denver?  Is there a certain date?  With the crazy weather we have in April, case in point the snow we saw on Friday and last night, it can make it difficult to decide when the last big storm will be and at what point you can be confident the time you spent in in the dirt on hands and knees will be worth it.  I have heard, "Don't plant before Mother's Day" and "Wait for the last frost."  But in Colorado, who knows when the last frost is going to be.

As you can imagine, gardening is becoming more popular than ever.  Most gardeners agree that the earth-ripened flavors make planting and growing a veggie and herb garden worth the effort. There's also a budget-friendly incentive. A garden of 600 square feet can yield a $500

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  Spring Fling 2010

  Spring Fling is…

The Highlands Mommies Business Group presents:

Spring Fling

April 24, 10 am – 3 pm

North High

A spring makeover extravaganza


  • home improvement specialists
  • garden and landscape professionals
  • decorators and designers
  • health and wellness experts
  • beauty consultants
  • arts, crafts, jewelry, and other cool products


Meet the Candidates

an opportunity to chat with the talented men and women vying for your support in the upcoming elections



  • frolic through 10,000 square feet of family-friendly fun
  • connect with area childcare providers

**free admission**


For more information, visit the Highland Mommies Business Group site here.

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In keeping with the Earth Day theme and piggypacking on Mark White's great blog this morning about our Water Karma, it got me thinking as I heard the lawn mowers being fired up outside, just how much impact does our obsession with a green lawn have on our environment, especially here in Denver?

Come to find out, it is rather significant.  If we leave out the whole water problem that Mark nailed so perfectly this morning, there is still the issue of noisy, polluting lawn mowers that we push through our lawns to keep our grass looking just right.  Did you know that more than 50 million Americans mow their lawn each week and this contributes to 5% of the country's air pollution?

So how do we improve on this?  The answer is of course xeriscaping, old

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I've been sitting on the porch looking at the rain and my green spring grass,  looking at seed catalogs, and dreaming about how great my garden will look in May and how brown it will be by August.  I'll admit to working to conserve water in my daily life (low flush toilets, no running water while I brush my teeth) but when it comes to the landscape...not so much.

In order to adjust my water Karma I started looking for a few ways that I could have a green lawn, some color in the perrennial beds, and still do my bit to make sure we all can still take showers in 2030. 

There are a lot of sources for ways to reduce your water footprint, but the one of the best places I've found is right in my online backyard at

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I've been posting about the Launch of Denver B Cycle on Facebook.  If you don't know about it you should!  It's a GREAT new way to see Denver, or to get around the city.  You go to any of the 50 or so stations in the city, and check out a bike...then return it at the station where you got it or check it in at your destination.  Say you're in LOHI and want to head to the Botanic Gardens.  Head to the B Cycle station across from Lola on Boulder Street....follow the instruction on the bike station, and grab a bike.  Ride over to the Botanic Garden and check in your bike at the station in front.  Simple as that.  Check out station locations and details about how to get signed up here  The rush starts tomorrow with a bike parade at Civic Center park with

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   (© Photo of Denver's EPA building by David Fenton)

I read today that Denver was just named a top 20 city of the future by Sunset magazine.  The article states that the 2010's shall be the Decade of Experimentation and the West will be its laboratory.  We can definitely see evidence of this in our aggresive light rail program, bike sharing and plethora of "green" building.  It is great to see Denver acknowledged for our efforts and hopefully this will encourage us Denverites to keep moving forward and making our world a better place.

Sunset highlights the following innovative actions Denver is taking to make it a city of the future.  For the entire article, visit the site here.

Launched by Mayor John Hickenlooper, the innovative Greenprint Denver plan is a vision for the city. And it’s no lightweight

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pw_sweepsgn_thumb_100Residential streets are swept once a month from April through November in the city of Denver. And I've gotten my fair share of tickets!  Of course, street sweeping schedules are posted on residential signs which designate the sweeping day for each side of the block. But do you look at them? No.

Since the city can't sweep under parked cars, they need your cooperation to move your car on sweeping day. The city now offers a great reminder for those of us who are sign-challenged. Signup for a reminder e-mail alert sent to you the day of, or the day before, they sweep your streets. Its on the city's website at Denver Street Sweeping Reminder.

And For more information about their schedule, see the citywide summer street sweeping schedule.

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Can you believe it is already Tax Day?  While there really isn't much correlation between Tax Day and the deadline for the First Time Tax Buyer Credit, now that we are half way through April, I have been getting asked a lot if there is still time to qualify for the tax credit?  The answer is YES!  But if you are serious about buying and qualifying, you better get moving.

The rules state that you must be under contract by the end of April and closed by the end of June.  That gives you exactly 15 days to find the right home and get it under contract.  Getting it under contract is just half the battle though.  You are still going to want to make sure that everything goes through to close, including a healthy inspection and an adequate appraisal.  So

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