A Tour of the Unexpected - Wheat Ridge Mid-Century and Modern Home Tour - Buy Tickets Now!

Posted by Live Urban Real Estate on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 at 11:21am.

A Tour of the Unexpected
Wheat Ridge Mid-Century and Modern Home Tour
September 301:00-5:00

mid mod home tour wheat ridge

Live Urban Real Estate is again sponsoring this fun and interesting home tour of mid-century and modern homes in Wheat Ridge!

Wheat Ridge Mid Century and Modern Home Tour shines spotlight on stunning architecture... If you are a fan of mid century architecture, you'll want to check out the Wheat Ridge Mid Century and Modern Home Tour on September 30, 1-5 pm. These homes were originally designed for temperate climates where a scalable production, functionality, and affordability were important.

 wheat ridge mid mod home tour 2017

As we continue to study and learn more about our built environment there are common elements that continue to surface; Occupant health and human connection with the outdoors. These topics are so important they have created a couple of green/healthy building standards with these metrics in mind.

MCM homes were way in front of the curve when integrating some of their distinct design elements. My personal favorite is the way this style integrates natural materials inside but also integrating the connectivity of the indoor/outdoor spaces.

One way this style helps us connect is through large sections of glass and the visual connection with the outdoors. Natural light works best when the windows are closer to the roof line. This allows the light to reach further into the home and creating an open airy feel. The lack of high wall sections separating the spaces also allows the light to penetrate into the middle of the home.

Exterior shading and large eves to allow the natural light come indoors but not the direct sunlight. Sun glare and the powerful sunlight enter the home and create solar gain. This isn't always a bad thing. In the winter when the sun is lower in the sky this type of eve allow the direct sunlight to enter the home and help heat space. These homes feature indoor/outdoor spaces bridge that gap and create another way for us to connect.

wheat ridge mid mod home tour 2017

When the home needs to be heated some of these homes included a central fireplace built with a dense material like stone, brick or block. These dense materials help to hold and retain the heat through their thermal mass.

I hope you enjoy the tour and let me know if I can help with any home related questions you may have. And please join me the day of the tour by purchasing tickets here: https://wearelocalworks.org/event/mid-century-and-modern-home-tour/.

For questions or more information about the tour, please feel free to contact Mia Sorensen, Barret Ramey, Katie Bozard, Susan Adams, or Melinda Yeary, Live Urban agents and mid-mod aficionados!

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