Denver Winters can be tough. Protect your home with 10 Important April Home Maintenance Items.

Posted on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 at 5:27pm.


Isn't it amazing how we break out our shorts and flip flops once we reach 65 degrees in April here in Denver?  Just like most of us who can't wait for those sunny April days after a hard, Colorado winter, your house gets excited too.  Winters here in Colorado with the constantly changing temperatures and moisture levels aren't easy on your home.  After six months of expanding and contracting and snow trying to find its way in, April therefore becomes one of the most important times of year for home maintenance. 

Not only does it allow you to identify and repair any damage from winter, but also allows you to prepare your home for ninety degree days once we reach the heart of summer.  Especially with the older homes around Denver, proper maintenance can ensure your home will stand another hundred years and help avoid costly repairs down the road.  If you need a list of recommendations for quality contractors around the area that can help, visit our brand new website by clicking HERE.  

Top Ten April Home Maintenance Items

1 .Mark and monitor small/hairline cracks in foundation. If stable after a few months fill 
with epoxy. If they've expanded beyond one half inch, call a structural engineer.
2. Inspect basement/crawl spaces for seepage/leakage. 
3. Inspect roof for any missing, loose or damaged shingles.
4. Check and clean AC/furnace systems. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations
5. Clean and/or replace the AC/furnace filters. Adjust thermostats for season change.
6. Check and clean gutters, downspouts and extensions and repair/replace as needed 
7. Do a safety check: smoke detectors, fire escape routes, fire extinguisher,
monoxide alarms
and window locks.
8. If you have a fireplace check flue to make sure it is closed for warmer weather.
9. Scrape, caulk and paint any wood surfaces that have peeled or weathered. 
10. Clean and inspect your lawn mower and other power tools and equipment.

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