Diary of My Berkeley Addition

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It has been a very busy month since my last blog post and seems like so much has been done that I don't know where to start. It is almost livable at this point and it's starting to drive us crazy that we are so close but cant move in yet. Our original completion date was set for the beginning of September. We had some hold ups along the way with items back ordered so I'm guessing it will be finished closer to the end of September. 

After the drywall was in, thing moved along quickly. The hardwoods went in followed by tile. Once everything was near complete, the hardwoods were sanded and had three finish coats applied. I will warn you that even if they say dustless finishing, dust will cover every inch of your house once they sand the floors. 



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Our Berkeley addition is moving so fast I'm having a hard time keeping up with a real time blog of the construction. As I mentioned in the last blog, doing an addition takes up a lot of time with meeting with the contractor and picking out finishes. But luckily it has been a lot of fun and most importantly, moving along quickly. 

After the framing was complete, then the plumbers came in and ran plumbing for the bathroom and all the exhausts for the house. They connected water lines to the hot water heater and then duct work for the swamp cooler and furnace. Then the electricians came in and replaced our panel and ran new electric. I was amazed they could keep track of all the wires dangling from the ceiling but seems to be in order now.

While this

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It has been a crazy two months at my house and finally getting around to post some pictures and talk a bit about the process. It has been easier than I thought since all the construction has been in the backyard and hasn't impacted us inside too much. It has been loud, and we certainly miss our backyard, but am amazed by how easy it has been to live with. The most difficult aspect is picking out the finishes. I can't tell you how much time we have spent looking at tile, cabinets, roofs and stucco colors. If you take something like this on, prepare to dedicate hours each week picking items out and making decisions.

When I last blogged about the addition, this is what the backyard looked like.

Within a few days, it looked like this. The city makes

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When I bought my house in Berkeley three years ago, I thought it would be years before we needed more space. 2 kids later, we are busting out and needing more space so we have decided to bite the bullet and add on. In this ongoing blog post, I will try to highlight what it takes to do an addition and offer any tips and good stories along the way that I can. 

Ideally we would have loved to pop the top. Based on our square footage, and location on our lot, it would have been very expensive and we wouldn't have been able to get more than two bedrooms out of it. So after meeting countless times with our extremely patient architect, Mark Fitzwilliam with Fitzwilliam Architects, we found a design that works and offers all that we need and more.

We will

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