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Did you recently receive notice of the new tax valuation on your home?

Did your eyebrows pop out of the top of your head because the new valuation on your home was, oh I don’t know, around $100,000 more than in the past? 


Well, you are not alone!  We feel your pain, and the good news is that there is a process in place for you to appeal if you feel your home has been wrongly re-valued. (Word to the wise, though...by appealing your tax valuation, you might be opening your property up to an even larger increase in value.)

Step One:  Visit your county’s assessor’s office web site:

Denver: http://www.denvergov.org/assessor/AssessorsOffice/ProtestingYourPropertyValue/tabid/378144/Default.aspx

Jefferson: https://jeffco.us/assessor/appeals/

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The April Market Report for the Denver Metro area shows a welcome increase in inventory as the busy, spring season brought more listings to the market. The number of active listings in April reached 6,149, an increase of 19 percent as compared to last month, but 15 percent lower than April 2014.

Motivated by record-level sales prices, sellers brought a considerable number of new listings to the market.

In April, 7,566 new listings came on the market, a 21 percent increase compared to last month and an eight percent increase over April 2014. Still, inventory levels remain low, growing only slightly to a six week supply.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the current supply of homes nationally stands at approximately four and a

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How can I actually get a house in this crazy Denver market?


It's the question I get the most often these days with so many homes getting double digit offers and going for way over asking price. My answer? Buy a more expensive home. I know that sounds like a lame answer from a greedy Realtor but it's the truth, let me explain. 

    If we look at average days of market by price range in the Denver metro area courtesy of Megan Aller with Land Title, some unique patterns are revealed. First, the average days on market for all Denver homes is around 24 days. For homes in the 0-199K price range, the average days on market is 20 days. For homes in the $200-399K range, it's 16 days, homes $400-600K it's 48 days, homes $600-800 it goes up to 61…
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This is not exactly breaking news...it's a Seller's Market in the Denver Metro. Properties that are reasonably priced and aren't falling down are likely to get multiple offers. Awesome if you're thinking about selling your house, right?       Your home is definitely a hot commodity . But, as a seller, how do you know which offer is the right offer to take? Not all offers are equal. Here is how Live Urban agents evaluates multiple offers for our sellers. (And, by the way, Live Urban listings tend to sell really fast and benefit from higher than average sales prices.)   On Offer Deadline Day: We go through all of the offers to make sure they are legitimate contenders, all of the paperwork is in order, everything is properly signed, and the…
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  • See what you have done with the place! If you have made any changes, added on, knocked down walls, or even just installed new tile -- we would love to come on by and check it out -- we love that stuff!  
  • Discuss any renovations, additions, or improvements you are thinking about making to improve the chances that you will see a Return on your Investment. Some home improvement projects pay back big when you sell your house...others, not so much. We can help you decide whether or not to build a deck, replace the kitchen cabinets, install new flooring...whatever you are considering, we can help you determine how to prioritize and invest in your home.
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Paying over list price to nab your next home can be hard to stomach for many buyers. Often, appropriately priced homes in the Denver metro region sell quickly and receive multiple offers. In fact, last month, 48% homes in Denver’s urban neighborhoods went under contract in 7 days or less and sold for 102% of their original list price. 

The seller and the listing agent determine the list price based on the current market and by comparing recent sales of similar homes. If priced well, the home will fall within an identifiable range based on those sales. Understanding that there is a range - not a magic number - is one way to overcome this mental hurdle. 

To ensure the home is priced appropriately, ask your Realtor to look at sold and under contract

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What are the out of pocket expenses that will come up when buying a Denver home? This is a great question and one of the first that I cover with new buyers when we sit down to talk about the buying process and what to expect. The loan that most people get covers the actual cost of the home, but there are going to be additional, out of pocket expenses you will be responsible for from the time you put a house under contract until you get to closing. It is best to know about these up front so they don't come as any surprise and can be planned for.

To help guide you through the buying process a little easier, we put together this flyer. These costs will vary depending on the property but this is a general guideline of what to expect. As always, make sure to

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Yes, it's true! You can get a grant to help you to buy a home in Colorado!

The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, or CHFA, was created in 1973 by the Colorado General Assembly. CHFA’s mission is to increase affordable housing and economic development in Colorado. Effective February 2, 2015, CHFA will be offering their popular down payment program as a grant instead of a loan! The grant will be:
- Non-repayable!
- In the amount of 3% of the first mortgage loan!
- Can be used for down payment, closing costs, and/or pre-paids.

- Have a middle credit score of 620 or higher 
- Meet income and purchase price limits.
- Complete a CHFA-approved homebuyer education class prior to loan closing 
- Contribute a minimum of $1,000 toward the

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It is no secret that Denver’s real estate market is red hot. Limited availability and rising home prices continue to put Denver’s real estate statistics on the front page of national blogs and economic publications. Although many are timid to test their buying power in this market, real estate professionals will argue that there has never been a better time to invest. In order to be a successful buyer, you need to know exactly what you want, and what is available to you and your budget! Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge that you have in this market, the more likely you are to succeed.

This blog will be the first of many that will be comparing and contrasting what kind of real estate investment your money can buy you in Denver’s market. I will

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How much does renting instead of buying really cost you? There have been reports coming out pretty consistently the past few years showing how much more it costs to rent in Denver verse buying. It is about 50% cheaper to buy rather than rent in Denver right now which equates to a couple thousand more to rent per year. Depending on your situation, the flexibility might be worth it. But how much does it cost you when you look at it over a longer period? 

I found this great article on Market Watch about the $700,000 plus mistake that nearly six out of 10 millennials will make, click here. It breaks down the difference between renting verse buying for the standard loan term of thirty years and the results are startling.

Considering that the median home

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