How can I get rid of all the branches that fell in my Denver yard?

Posted on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 at 4:33pm.


How can I get rid of all the downed tree branches that fell in my yard?  If you are like me, then you love the snow and the earlier it falls here in Denver, usually the better.  But when it comes when all the leaves are still on your tree, it can prove pretty troublesome, especially for your trees.  Luckily, the new, small trees I planted this spring look like they will survive but the giant, beautiful oak trees at one of my Denver rental properties didn’t make it out so lucky. 

I spent the morning clearing a gigantic tangle of oak branches from 32nd Avenue today so normal traffic patterns could resume and it would no longer be a one way street.  Now that it is cleared from the street, I have the problem of figuring out what to do with all the branches and logs littering the yard and sidewalk?  I can’t throw them in the dumpster, it would take about 30 dumpsters to hold all the debris and I am sure the neighbors wouldn’t like that too much.  Plus, I would hate for it to just go to the landfill, would much rather have it made into mulch or the larger branches used for firewood.  So I have spent the rest of the afternoon exploring ways to get rid of the branches and thought I would share in case you are in the same predicament I am.  Below are some options I found.  I know other cities like Greeley are offering drop off location so I hope Denver follows.  If you know of others, please share.

1.     Denver trash service.  If you live in Denver, you can leave it by your dumpster for the next trash pickup.  The branches must be bundled and can be no longer than 4 feet long, weigh no more than 40 pounds and there can be no branches thicker than 4 inches in diameter.  There is no guarantee your broken branches will be reused as mulch, but definitely the most affordable option since it just requires a little sweat and twine.

2.     Recycling your branches.  If you hate to see your beloved tree branches go to a landfill somewhere, then recycling your downed branches could be the answer.  There are a number of recycling centers around the city that will accept your branches and trees, including Rooney Road Recycling.  They charge $5 a cubic yard and if you have a small amount to get rid of, could be a great option.  Click here for more details.

3.     Tree Service.  If you are already tired of messing with it, then a tree service is the way to go.   On the Denver County Website, there is a list of licensed tree contractors who you can contact to take care of everything for you.  Click here for the full list. 

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Irene Glazer wrote: Love options 2&3. Not so much on option 1. Landfill space is limited, and trees are organic matter, and will not decompose in a landfill very quickly, if at all. When they are composted or turned to mulch, they help to amend our soils, and we so desperately need that here. So please let's do our best to make sure that these materials are put to good use.
Thanks for doing what you do Mic!

Posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2011 at 2:19pm.

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