How far is it around Sloan's Lake and Berkeley Lake?

Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 at 5:21pm.

How far is it around Sloan's Lake?  How far is it around Berkeley Lake?  These are both questions I have asked and been asked quite a bit by clients looking to buy around both of these lakes for the convenience of having a quick place to run or walk and to not have to do it on a busy road.

According to a great website that I found,, it is approximately 2.54 miles around Sloan's Lake if you stay on the path the entire time.  If you run the perimeter of the park, along the roads or just inside them, then it is 3.25 miles.

The path right around Berkeley Lake is .96 miles.  If you go around the perimeter of the park, along Tennyson on the east, 46th on the South and the lake on the west and north, it is 1.35 miles.  And it's neighbor to the east, Rocky Mountain Lake is almost identical as well.

As you are doing your workouts, hopefully this gives you a better idea of how far you are going and how many miles you are getting in.  If you want to map your own runs, then definitely visit the sight and map away.  It is very easy to use and even suggest some new routes if you are getting bored of your own.

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