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Posted by Live Urban Real Estate on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 at 9:11am.

Live Urban Real Estate’s community commitment shines most through our 2018 Live & Give program!

Live and Give in Denver

Each year, in January, Live Urban agents nominate their favorite local charities and passionately plead their cases to the rest of the brokerage. In the end, Live Urban Real Estate elects 3 beneficiaries for the coming year’s Live & Give program.

Every Live Urban Real Estate closing signifies a collaboration between Live Urban, the agent, and the homebuyer or seller to provide valuable funds to the selected Live & Give partners. A portion of every commission is donated to the Live & Give recipient of the client’s choice, allowing the community to benefit from Live Urban, just as Live Urban is continuously benefitting from the community!

In 2014, Live Urban formed the Live & Give program as a way to respond to giving requests made by agents. The unique giving model was created to allow agents to have a voice in who the company supports, while also offering a way to help a variety of causes over the years. Live Urban believes in the strength of our community and in using our success to give back to those in need. John Skrabec, President and Founder of Live Urban Real Estate, has seen the positive outcome of the Live & Give Program over the years;

“Brokers take pride in recommending their favorite charities, and are invested in the process. It also exposes the company, our agents, and our clients to many non-profits that are quietly working behind the scenes and don’t get much publicity.”

Denver real estate philanthropy

For the year of 2018, Live Urban is lucky enough to partner with the Women's Bean Project, the National Sports Center for the Disabled, and Growing Home.  

Women's Bean Project

The Women's Bean Project provides temporary employment and life-changing training to help women enter and remain in the workforce. Participants include convicted felons, recovering addicts, and victims of domestic violence.

John Skrabec, explained his deeper connection with the Women's Bean project as more than just admiration for the good they do in the community, but also as a personal understanding of the importance of business and the entrepreneurial spirit, "I have been aware of the organization for many years, and purchased some soup mixes. My sister-in-law has been an active volunteer for many years, and has given me a bounty of mixes every year for the holidays. They make an excellent product! As an entrepreneur, I appreciate how they’ve created a successful business while providing valuable life skills to an underserved population. The Women’s Bean Project is uniquely powerful because they are a social enterprise who engages in the business world to support their mission. They meet [participants'] basic needs including housing, transportation, child care, and healthcare as well as life skills to stabilize them and set them on the path to personal and economic self-sufficiency."  

National Sports Center for the Disabled

A therapeutic recreation and sports agency, the NSCD offers adventures to the disabled year round, thereby enabling the human spirit. 

Barret Ramey championed the NSCD for 2018's Live and Give Program, explaining the joy the organization has brought him through his volunteer work, "NSCD helps individuals with special needs to connect with sports and recreation and help build self confidence and improve spirit. They provide the opportunity for all to enjoy the ability to connect and share a love for sports and recreation. I have helped do the 50/50 raffle at the Bronco's game but helping with the sports ability clinics and interacting with the individuals are by far my favorite and most rewarding experience. I am so grateful to share this experience and see the joy on the faces of the individuals I was there to support and learn with." 

Growing Home

Growing Home strengthens families facing poverty through their wrap-around approach and intensive support in an effort to create communities where all families have a place to call home and food on their tables.

Kelly Kozlowski presented Growing Home at Live Urban Real Estate's start of the year meeting because the cause is close to her heart, "Growing Home is less then 5 miles from my home.  I drive by it every time I go to my mom's house.  Yet, the issues they work with and the families they support are completely different from the world I know.  As a parent I just can't imagine how you would feel, how your would continue to work hard and keep trying if you could not provide a home and food for your child.  I love that they take a multigenerational approach to ending the cycle of poverty and homelessness.  They provide tutors for children and parenting education for the parents and caregivers, while finding the families temporary housing and feeding them through their food bank. If we want change for this world, for the world we leave our children, then we need to start at the local level."




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