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With sizzling temps, many homeowners are looking for cooling solution. There are many options in Colorado besides your traditional AC. Swamp coolers are an option because our air is so dry. Whole house fan also work well in our climate because the temperatures at night drop. Here is a breakdown of a few options to consider for your Colorado home:

Air Conditioner 

Cost: $5,000
Pros: Precise temperature control, set it and forget it
Con: Removes moisture from the air, Uses chemicals that emit CO2 emissions


Cost: $3000
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Everyday, I'm helping people prepare to move into their new home. Although I eat, sleep, and breath Real Estate, my recent move into my new house brought new relevance to the experience. Below are my six pieces of advice for anyone moving into their new house.


1. Moving Sucks

There is nothing more grueling, tedious, or exhausting than moving everything you own. Be easy on yourself, according to, moving is the 4th most difficult situation people deal with in their life! Start packing early, ask for help, and HIRE movers!

2. Magic Paint 

It's literally a miracle in a bucket!
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Your Guide To Sending Your Kid to a Great School No Matter Where You Live!

The Best Denver Schools

Live Urban Real Estate believes that all children deserve a high-quality education. With Denver’s unprecedented residential listing shortage and continually booming popularity, some families are having difficulty finding a home within their preferred school zone. Often, buyers find themselves focusing more on finding a home they love while remaining in their budget and are unable to even consider what school zone the property is in. This can lead to disappointment and frustration, when future educational plans seem all but dashed.

But, we see a real opportunity for educational improvement amidst this low-inventory housing market. With all types of families moving into

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Denver’s hot real estate market isn’t just inflating home prices, it’s ballooning rental fees as well! If you’re considering buying a rental property, you’re onto something. High rental demand in and around Denver has created a landlord friendly market, just waiting for cashflow savvy investors. With these 10 simple steps to buying a rental property, you’re on your way to cashing-in passive income. 

Buying A Rental Property

  1. Find a Neighborhood Close to the Action (But Not in the Heart of it)

You don’t want to pay top dollar for a rental property and home price is all about location. In order to capitalize on the business of a city center while keeping purchase cost low, look to the outskirts of your closest city and avoid trendy neighborhoods.

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by Lon Welsh (Verified Guest Author) 

Denver real esate market reversal On Sunday, April 16th, The Denver Post published an article which predicted median prices across northern Front Range of Colorado will fall 20 percent from 2019-22, according to Location Inc., a geographic research and real estate data firm. “At some point, the fundamentals are, ‘Can people afford to buy it, and what are their alternatives if they can’t afford to buy?’ ” said Andrew Schiller, CEO of the Connecticut firm. “Prepare for a reversal.”

Is a Denver Real Estate Market Reversal Imminent?

If you are a research company with a new product to promote, the most reliable way to get a lot of very free publicity is to make dire predictions about doom in the future. As they say in the publishing business,…
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Live Urban continues its tradition of promoting talent from within its ranks, selecting four long-term agents with the brokerage to step into leadership positions within the company. 

Jana Miller has been promoted to Managing Broker, counseling agents on real estate transactions, providing guidance on potential legal issues and one-and-one mentoring, and leading the management team. She started her real estate career after more than 20 years in journalism, politics, marketing and communications. Among her journalism credits, she covered the mountain region for USA Today, and authored "The Insiders Guide to Denver." 

Paul Kourkoulis has been named Assistant Managing Broker, also counseling agents on real estate transactions, providing one-and-one

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We're delighted to announce the addition of Laurel Bretting, Live Urban's new Marketing Manager! Laurel brings over 10+ years of creative branding and marketing experience to the brokerage and its real estate agents. 

Laurel is a triple-threat. Her comprehensive background includes savvy marketing/branding strategy and accomplished graphic design skills, blended with a deep understanding of technology and software.

She's smart, talented, and inquisitive, and is responsible for all marketing communications for the company, our clients and brokers. She truly is our Marketing 'Magician.' Welcome Laurel!

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Denver Street Guide

download the free Denver Street GuideDenver is pretty easy to navigate. As it has grown during the last 150 years or so, it has maintained a largely uniform grid and naming system. Want a cheat sheet? We've created a free, nifty pocket-sized Denver Street Guide to help you out. Drop by our office and pick one up, or Contact Us, and we'll gladly send you one.


A uniform street-naming system is used in the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area, covering Denver, Adams, Arapahoe, Jefferson, and parts of Broomfield and northern Douglas County. However, there are significant areas within the metro area that do not conform to the master grid of street names below.

Northern Douglas County, save for the names of the major

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buy a house in denver

When is the best time to buy a house in Denver in 2017? When I'm asked this question, it reminds me of the time I asked the grouchy guy at the nursery the best time to plant a tree. His response, five years ago. Five years ago would have obviously been the best time to buy a house in Denver but since most of us don't have access to time travel, tomorrow is the best time to buy a house in Denver. 

Between now and June, the average sales price for a Denver home is expected to increase by $40,000 with the majority of appreciation in April and May. April and May is when the most buyers will be out and we will see offers in excess of 20k over asking price on a very regular basis. Prices will reach their highest point in July, but this is from all…
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denver housing market 2017

What will 2017 bring to Denver's housing market?

We asked Megan Aller, our local housing stats expert and Land Title rep, to pull the numbers together for us yet again. You may not be able to go back in time and buy a couple of years ago when Average Home Prices in the Denver Metro area were much lower...but you CAN crunch the digits and decide if it might make sense to make a move in '17, before either interest rates or prices go up even more (or both)!

Last year, Megan had this to say.

The numbers are no less shocking this time around...and we've also got a new President moving into the White House that is sure to cause some impact as well.

Denver's demand doesn't look to decrease anytime soon, and it's just a guess as to what will

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