Seasonality in the Denver Real Estate Market

Posted by Live Urban Real Estate on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 at 12:37pm.

Seasonality in the denver real estate market

With Denver's booming home sales and the strong seller's market, both buyers and sellers are curious as to when to jump into the pool of residential real estate. Should they paddle around in the shallow end to test the waters before buying or selling or sit on the edge awaiting the perfect moment to jump in?

Luckily, seasonality in the Denver real estate market is about as predictable as the likelihood of a messy splash from a cannonball at the local pool. Whether the market is up or down, metro Denver listings and sales tend to follow the same trends year after year. Our glance-worthy infographic will help you navigate timing in the Denver real estate market so that you don't have to waste time dipping your toe into the kiddie side of the housing pool - instead, read on and take a graceful jump off the high-dive!

Seasonality in the Denver real estate market follows the state's weather patterns, but not quite exactly as you may have expected:

 Seasonality in the Denver real estate market

In the Dead of Winter: Slow Start

Real estate's "slow" season is shorter than you may have expected - especially in today's busy market. January and February repeatedly show low listing and sold home numbers, but things begin to warm up as more buyers enter the market in February.

Sprouting Housing Interest: Picking Up

Very early spring signals the start of "real estate season". Listings increase slightly and buyers hop into the Denver market to find their dream home. Sellers can expect an increase in showing activity this time of year and buyers can expect increased competition with inventory still extremely low.

Hot, Hot, Hot: Very Busy

The most considerable increase in market activity happens between March and May. Listings remain in high demand and are quickly scooped off the market by hungry buyers. This is a great time to list your home with many active buyers willing to go the extra mile to win an offer.

Breath of Fresh Summer Air

Summertime brings more listings while buyers pack for camping trips, thus creating some room to breath after the spring frenzy. With more homes to choose from and listings sitting a bit longer, this can be a great time to buy. 

"Fall" of Activity

Autumn signals a slow tapering in listings and sales for the Denver real estate market although there's still a lot to choose from and many a buyer making offers on inventory.

Holiday Vacation: Slowing Down

Though November and December keep the real estate industry busy, the holidays tend to mellow the playing field and the seasonality in the Denver real estate market starts its winding down for the winter. 

Denver's real estate seasonality

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