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  2723 West 43rd Avenue in Denver's Sunnyside neighborhood hit the market on Friday. 22 showings were scheduled in the first 48 hours, but listing agent Emily Hayduk of LIVE Urban Real Estate received three great offers in the first's crazy out there, and the moral of this story is...if you see a house online that you want to take a look at and have any chance at making an offer on, don't wait...see it asap and be ready to write an agressive offer.   We asked Emily....   Why do you think it sold so quickly?
The house sold quickly because it showed well, was in a fantastic location, was very clean and well taken care of, and was priced well.
What did you do to prepare the home for hitting the market?   The…
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First impressions are lasting impressions.

That’s one reason that staging is so important. Staging benefits the seller regardless of whether the market is hot or cold. In a cold market, buyers don’t have to settle for anything less than the best and can choose the staged house that looks great and is move-in ready. In a hot market, buyers can go into a feeding-frenzy focusing on the” hot” property. You want your property to be the “hot” one. A well-dressed, sparkling house can attract lots of attention.

In a sellers market, more buyers are chasing fewer homes for sale. Homes sell quickly and often above asking price. You owe it to yourself to do what you can to blow away the competition. It feels great to get a bidding war going because your staged

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While showing homes to buyers, this question is popping up more and more: “What is within walking distance?”

Home buyers are now looking for walkability, and they are willing to pay for it, according to a recent study. This change in attitude represents a major shift in priorities evolving over the past 20 years. Young adults are in the forefront of the change. Their parents left the high density of the city for a quiet suburban life of Andy of Mayberry. They were raised on “Friends” and want the life Chandler and the gang enjoyed at the Central Perk.

Real estate valuation has followed, with high square footage costs moving from the suburbs to cities. Currently, the most valuable real estate in Denver can be found in walkable areas such as Wash

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Most people I know are always looking for ways to save a little money and help out the environment while they are at it. Here are 8 habit changes that save energy and money courtesy of See if you can adopt just some of these this year and see the savings.

1) $83 a year by lowering the heat 3 degrees for 9 hours a day and raising the cooling 2 degrees. Over a 1000 pounds of C02 emissions a year. It takes less energy to bring a home back to a desired temparture than it does to leave the heat or AC on for extended periods of time. Program the heat and cooling to be lower or higher when not home or sleeping.

2) $45 and 500 pounds of CO2 emissions a year by lowering your hot water heater. Most hot water heaters are set at

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Baby Boomers are very different today than they were even twenty years ago...we find this especially to be true of LIVE Urban's Boomer clients!  Whether they enjoy the vibrant arts, dining and music scene of Downtown Denver, or the abundant recreational opportunities on the Front Range, they might be looking for a lower-maintenance place to LIVE, but it's not because they CAN'T maintain a big home and yard, but because they prefer to spend that time and energy enjoying all that Metro Denver has to offer.

Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate today released the findings of a national survey of Baby Boomers (ages 49-67) revealing this influential generation’s feelings of optimism about living an independent, active lifestyle; a lifestyle unrestrained

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Heading into spring selling season, Denver Metro home prices remain stable and inventory tight, according to Metrolist®.

The average sold price for new and existing homes in February—$294,565—was up 6 percent year over year and down just 3 percent compared to January. Prices for single family attached homes remained particularly strong, with February’s average sold price of $211,201 up 20 percent, year over year. Single family detached homes had an average sold price of $324, 581 in February, up 7 percent year over year.

Available inventory remains tight in the Denver Metro area. February saw a slight decrease in the number of homes for sale, with active listings decreasing by 2 percent compared to January but up 10 percent year over year.


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Average Denver Metro home prices remained steady in January, signaling a strong 2014 for area real estate, according to Metrolist®.

The average sold price for new and existing homes in January—$302, 251—was down 3 percent compared to December but up 10 percent year over year. January saw a slight increase in the number of homes for sale, with active listings increasing 5 percent month over month and 7 percent year over year, but available inventory remains tight. Among properties sold in January, the average listing spent just 61 days on the market, a 22 percent decrease year over year.  The number of homes sold in January increased 3 percent, from 3,229 to 3,342.

With an average sold price of $206,503 for January, the single family attached market

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The “tipping point” has arrived in East Sloan’s Lake neighborhood.  Many thought it would happen ‘someday’ where the area would experience resurgence, and now it is clear, that day has come!

Twelve new construction projects, currently being constructed in the area near 17th and Federal and Sloan’s Lake. These projects are as diverse in range as a new city library, to the many multi-unit, modern properties, priced in the $500’s.

In addition, Two large city projects: Light Rail is completed and has been operating just blocks south, stopping at 13th and Federal with vast outreach and the planning/development of a new Sloan’s Lake City Center at the former St. Anthony’s Hospital site. All of this has created an exciting ‘buzz’ for the area.


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In today's highly competitive seller's market in the Denver Metro area, we are once again needing to get a bit creative and thoughtful in order to not only find and secure homes for our homebuyer clients, but also to make the process more convenient for our clients who are selling their homes and wishing to buy another home.

So, what are the options?  

Obviously, NOW is an AWESOME time to sell.   There is very little competition up against your home, no matter what price range or part of the Denver Metro area it is in.

But, what if you sell your house quickly and then can't find another property to buy?

There are a few different ways that LIVE Urban agents are making this situation work out nicely for everyone:

1. Write a long contract.

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Inventory levels in the Denver Metro area just keep on dropping....making it difficult for ready, qualified homebuyers to find homes to purchase.

If you are thinking about selling any property in the Denver Metro area, now might be the time to get top dollar for it....with no competition on the market, interest rates still low, and many buyers actively looking.  If you are curious about what your home might be worth (did you know that property values went up about 11% on average in Colorado last year?) don't hesitate to reach out to a LIVE Urban agent who can help you decide whether now might be the right time to make a move.

Here are some URGENT BUYER NEEDS from some LIVE Urban Buyer's Agents...if you or someone you know has a home that might

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