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What is the cost of waiting to buy a Denver home? This is a blog that I try to do twice a year and every time I write it, I think there is no way these numbers will come to fruition. But every time I've written it, the projected average price for a Denver single family home has always met or exceeded the projection and I don't expect it to be any different this time.

Based on job growth, the number of people moving to Denver, lack of inventory and sustained demand, it looks like the average price for a home in May of 2017 will be pushing $500K, right around $491,606. This is an incredible increase and evidence that we are not in a bubble and even more reason why it's still a great time to buy in Denver. 


I wish I could take credit for these

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The Denver City Council late Monday passed a measure to allow short-term rentals in private residences, after two years of discussion and community input on the issue.

The measure gives owners the ability to rent out a primary residence for less than 30 days. The new rules, which take effect July 1, will let owners rent out individual rooms or garage apartments on quiet residential blocks to people to use while traveling. Also, the homes can be rented out when the owner is away.

The council approved the measure 9-2, with Kevin Flynn and Rafael Espinoza voting against it. Council members Debbie Ortega and Robin Kniech were absent from the meeting.

The council also considered expanding the proposal to allow short-term rentals in second homes

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Photo: 1550 Ogden, a Capitol Hill historical condo listed by Brian Conley for Live Urban Real Estate.

Denver's Homes are Increasing in Value faster than any other US city.

According to the Denver Post:

Metro Denver is leaving last decade’s housing bust in the rear view mirror faster than any other major metro area in the country, according to a new study from

Home prices are now 49.1 percent above the old high they reached in the first quarter of 2006. That is the biggest increase from the prior decade’s peak among any of the 100 metros tracked in a home price index run by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Five of the other top 10 metros making the list for the strongest appreciation above the prior peak are all in Texas:

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New Denver condos. Meet the Mirador at Tennyson. Since there have been almost no new condos built in Denver the past 7 years, it's nice to finally see some new ones pop up. There aren't any huge projects like the Spire, but there are some smaller ones popping up that offer some really good options. I will keep posting new ones like these as I find them and as always, please let me know if you have questions about these and if you would like to take a look.

The Mirador at Tennyson building was originally built by the Shriners in the 1920's and is being thoughtfully restored to combine high-end, modern conveniences with a touch of historical charm. The Mirador is located across from Willis Case Golf Course in the Regis Berkeley neighborhood, roughly

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Homes on the market hit a new record low for the month of May at 5,463 active listings.

As reference, the average number of active listings in the month of May is 16,981 (1985-2015). The record high May was in 2006 with 30,457 listings, and the record low May was 2015 with 5,657.

“Ongoing inventory shortages are now spreading across the country,” said Anthony Rael, Chairman of the DMAR Market Trends Committee and Denver real estate agent. “And here we are setting yet another new record low for inventory in May.”  

While active listings are only down 3.43 percent year over year, this is the time of year when inventory grows until the market hits its peak in August and September according to Rael.

He comments, “If things continue at this

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Welcome home to Mayfair!

Relax in front of the charming wood burning fireplace in the open and light-filled living space with original wood floors and charm galore, then venture out for a stroll through this amazing neighborhood. Ride your bike to Trader Joe's after having brunch at Snooze. Host amazing dinner parties that spill into this big back yard. You are going to love living here!

Listed by Kelly Kozlowski for Live Urban Real Estate. Please contact Kelly for current pricing and availability.

1158 Eudora Street, Denver CO 80220.











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We are really feeling the housing crunch as the Spring market heats up!

Even with new inventory hitting the market every day, homes that are priced right and show well continue to sell very quickly. We are seeing a lot of buyers resort to buying new construction, and waiting for homes to be built, in order to be able to own a home anywhere in the Denver metro area, including the suburbs.

There are articles all over the media about how hot Denver's market is, too.

From the Denver Post:

Colorado’s population rose by almost 102,000 people last year, but the state added only 25,143 new homes, condos and apartments to accommodate those newcomers, according to updated estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The division of those two

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Some people like stories and pictures, others  enjoy numbers and charts. This is for all my analytical people out there!

Here are the numbers, charts, and graphs you love.

If you are thinking about selling, there couldn't be a more ideal time to take advantage of your equity and move up. If you are waiting to buy, there are 8 charts provided below specifically designed to address your objections and help you create a winning strategy to buy in the Denver Market.

1: "I don't want to buy at the top of the market, I'm going to wait for it to cool down."

That is what they said last year! The image below shows the price increase in each county for attached listings (condos and townhouses). If you have delayed your search for a condo, you

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It's tough out there for homebuyers in the Denver Metro area right now.

Low inventory, high demand, rising home's like meeting Darth Vader in a dark alley without a light saber. Multiple offers, bidding wars, trying to compete against cash buyers...What Would Yoda Do?!

In honor of May 4th, which has come to be known as May The Fourth Be With You Day, we put together this list of 4 strategies that will help you stay ahead of the Dark Side when you are searching for a Denver area home.

1. Be flexible when writing your offer.

Your Live Urban agent will reach out to the Listing Agent of the home that you are going to write an offer on. They will be asking them questions like:

- What are the ideal dates and deadlines for your

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