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How is the Denver Real Estate market doing? Around springtime of this year, I did a number of blog posts about how the Denver Real Estate market is on verge of the a seller’s market. With the latest data that is out, it looks like Denver has turned that corner and continues to get stronger.The entire metro area isn’t in a seller’s market yet, but there are pockets that are and we continue to see homes fly off the shelves.

In a report out today by the Wall Street Journal, click here, Denver is the second fastest selling Real Estate Market in the country based on average days on market. The average time on market in Denver is coming in at 33 days, almost a third of the national average. I remember just year or so ago when 100 days was the norm so 33 seems
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In some parts of the country, a house without a pool is like a Subaru without a bike rack in Colorado. But because of the weather, I’m assuming, pools and houses in Denver is just not something you hear much about or find much demand for. So it got me wondering, how much value, if any, does a pool add to a Denver home?

I got to wondering this because I just put on the market a fabulous home in Castle Rock with one of the nicest pools I’ve seen in a long time. The house sits at the top of a hill and from the pool, you have stunning mountain and canyon views and more blue sky than you could ever imagine. To check it out, click here.

After speaking with the owners about it and finding out how little work and money it actually is to keep it running, it
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Just as hot as the Denver Real Estate Market is, so is the rental market. In an article out today from the Denver Post, The average rent for apartments in metro Denver rose 7.1% from the second quarter of last year to the same period this year.  It was the highest growth rate reported during any quarter since the third quarter of 2011, when average rent grew 8.5%.  During the second quarter of this year, the average rent in metro Denver rose $65 to $979 from last year's second-quarter average rent of $915.  "You have to go back to the days of the dot-com boom to see lower vacancy rates than what we're seeing right now," said Ryan McMaken, spokesman for the Colorado Division of Housing. Click here to read the full article.

What does this mean to Denver
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Have you heard of the Denver Energy Challenge? If you own a home or business in Denver, then you will certainly want to know more about it. The goal of the Denver Energy Challenge is to help Denver residents and business owners make energy efficient improvements to their home or business through free, independent advising in hopes of reducing energy use by at least 15%.

This great program offers free energy advising to Denver Residents in the following ways.

* Review a previous audit
* Schedule an audit for $135
* Prioritize energy saving measures
* Provide a list of pre-screened Contractors
* Compare and review bids
* Locate rebates, financing and help you apply
* Answer any questions you have about energy savings

And as a small business owner, you have access

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Do I get any sort of warranty when I buy a home in Denver? It isn’t a question I get too often and unfortunately, it typically only comes up after a client has bought a home and a problem arises. The best answer I can give is no, there is no warranty when you buy a home in Denver.

There is an exception to this, most brand new homes do come with a 1 year home warranty. But homes that are resale and have been previously lived in come with no warranty. Once you close on the home, you get everything in it, including any issues that may arise.

Recently I had a situation where after moving in, and trying to cool their house off in who knows how many days of 100 degree heat, my clients came to find out that their air conditioner was shot. They figured that
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Up until this weekend, this incredible heat streak in Denver had done little to help the state of Denver lawns. Driving around last weekend I couldn’t believe how bad so many lawns looked, mine included. It got me wondering, how much water does my Denver lawn really need?

I searched around and found some great advice from Tony Seigert with Safe Home Inspection. He told me that in general, turf grasses need about 3/4 to 1 inch of water per week to maintain green color and active growth. However, during certain times in the summer, like now, when high temperatures are the norm, you should allow lawns to naturally slow down in growth. You can let the lawn go almost completely dormant in hot weather. In hot weather you may need an inch of water only about every
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As long as I have lived in Denver, I don’t remember it being this hot for so long, especially this early in the year. I’m trying to find ways to cool my house, without A/C and a small swamp cooler, it is pretty miserable. As I swelter in my house, I look with envy at my neighbor’s house that stays in the shade all day long thanks to two large shade trees and it makes me realize just how much shade trees can help to keep a home stay cool during these hot, hot days.

It is no secret how much shade trees can help and luckily there is a great organization called The Park People that provides trees for Denver residents at little to no cost for homeowners. They have a spring and fall tree distribution and the application for the fall trees will be available
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Metrolist, the largest real estate multiple listing service (MLS) serving Colorado real estate agents, recently reported data suggesting the Denver real estate market is heading towards a seller's market, something unimaginable just one year ago. Their report, published on June 7th, shows increased sales volume and price in our residential real estate market.

Unit sales for single family residences the Denver residential market climbed to 4,625 in May, a 19% increase over the previous month. Average days on market (DOM) according to Metrolist, the provider of, dropped 13% to 78 days.




The average sales price, meanwhile, jumped further in May, rising to $284,059, a 3% gain from April's average of $275,241. Excluding condos,

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I want mountain views. It is a request that I get from prospective home buyers all the time, especially people moving in from out of state. Most out of state buyers are surprised initially that Denver isn’t actually in the mountains. And once they realize it isn’t, then they at least want killer mountain views.

With Denver being relatively flat and having lots of large trees, finding mountain views isn’t near as easy as one would think. As a result, I see a lot of buyers looking near the foothills and the west side of the Denver metro area for mountain views. And while you can get a small glimpse of the mountains from the west side, to truly experience the majesty of the front range, you actually have to go east.

There are a handful of neighborhoods around
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Can you really get a good deal on a HUD home in Denver? I would say 75% of all new buyers I meet with tell me they want to buy a HUD home and a HUD home only. I assume that so many buyers think a HUD home is the way to go from advice they have heard from a friend or the media. And while buying a HUD home, essentially a government foreclosure, can be a great investment and a good deal, there is a lot more to consider before you set your sights solely on a HUD home.

The great thing about HUD homes is that they usually priced below market value. The government wants to move them quickly and in order to do so, they are priced very aggressively. And like with anything priced aggressively, there is going to be extra demand. As a result, you often see HUD homes

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