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It feels like my kitchen remodel has been going on forever, and it has, pushing two months now. Luckily, the cabinets and granite are in now and it is finally feeling like the end is in site. The granite instillation is more complicated and fun than I thought so I wanted I would share the process so you know all that is involved.

Once the cabinets arrived, it only took a day to have them in place. Once they were in place, the granite fabricator can come out and do their templating. I figured it would be a guy with a tape measure but I was sure wrong. Instead, the fabricator set up a tri-pod with a laser and outlined the entire countertops to perfection on his Ipad.  

Once the template was done, we then headed to the fabrication shop and sat down

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How important is staging to selling your Denver home? I firmly believe that it might be the most important single factor you can do to get top dollar for your home. I am always amazed by what a difference staging makes, even with homes that I think show perfectly and don't need a thing done. The major reason is that how a buyer looks at your home is going to be completely different than how you live in your home. Even if your home is Pottery Barn perfect, it may not be presented to the buyer in a way that they can see themselves living there and that is the beauty of staging. 

In homes with furniture already in them, staging is usually a pretty simple and painless process. I can't recommend Annette Knutson with It's Showtime Staging highly enough.

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Mayfair is a very hip neighborhood that includes a Krishna temple and vegetarian restaurant, eclectic architecture and a diverse population.  

The neighborhood plays host to a garden tour, the Denver Mod Living event,  Dog Daze parade and community concerts in the park. Tucked between Colfax, Monaco, 6th Ave and Eudora street, this micro neighborhood has become a neighborhood desirable to developers who are scraping small homes to build very large custom homes with a variety of architectural styles.  

Tucked among the new construction are mid century ranches with big yards and mature trees, Spanish style homes and century old Victorians.

121 Sold Properties

Median Sold Price: $ 375,000

Average Sold Price Per Square Foot: $ 289


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We have now been living with the remodel for 5 weeks and believe me, are ready for it to be done. Unfortunately it looks like we won't be finished until early December now and not back upstairs in time for Thanksgiving which was our original goal. If things had gone as planned, the electricians would have come first, followed by the plumber, the hardwood floor company, the drywallers and finally the cabinets. As you can imagine, it has not gone as planned and the moral of this blog is that while a contractor will try to keep everything on schedule, expect things to not go as planned and that you are going to have to be very flexible along the way.

As of today, this is how our kitchen looks which is a huge improvement over a week ago. The cabinets have

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I've been an active Real Estate investor in Denver for the past nine years and I have never seen a better time to own rental property in Denver. Two factors make investing in Denver Real Estate very attractive right now. First, rental rates are going through the roof with no sign of stopping and second, interest rates remain insanely low.

Another reassuring factor is that rental rates increased despite there being more inventory for renters to choose from. And while developers are building apartments as fast as they can, experts predict it won't be near enough to meet the demand over the next ten years or so. And with rates hovering in the mid 4% range right now, you can afford to own a rental property and cash flow it like we will never see again.

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What is the Denver Affordable Housing program? It is a question I expect to answer quite a bit in the next few weeks since I just put a great affordable housing unit on the market in Stapleton. The Denver Affordable Housing Program is a program through the city that limits the maximum resale value of a home and the income a purchaser can qualify with in order to provide affordable home options in parts of the city that otherwise would be out of reach for many buyers.

Generally speaking, "affordable" housing refers to housing affordable to households that make below 80% of the Denver area median income. For this two bedroom condo in Stapleton, click here for all the details, the maximum income you can qualify with is $43,600 for a 1 person

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Even though National Painting Week has come and gone, these are some interesting paint and color statistics from the folks at Sherman what do you want to paint?!

If you are wondering which colors are best for resale, or if you have questions about whether an exterior or interior project will add value to your home, give one of our agents a shout...we love talking about this stuff! Call us at 303-455-5483 or contact us here.




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Since we have already had our first snow and the leaves are rapidly falling from the trees, I think it is fair to say that winter is right around the corner so I thought it would be helpful to look at the Denver Real Estate Market as we head into the heart of winter.

Historically, Real Estate in Denver slows down in the winter. While the number of sales are lower, my busiest months are typically December and January so I always encourage my clients to ignore the whole, winter is a bad time to buy or sale idea because people who are moving this time of year have to sell and aren’t just testing the market.

2013 has been a year like we have never seen for Denver Real Estate. And while the market isn’t as wild and crazy as it was this spring, it is

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Ridge at 38

If you've driven down 38th avenue between Sheridan and Wheat Ridge lately, you'll have certainly noticed the obvious re-emergence of Wheat Ridge. What used to be run down office buildings mixed with a few restaurants has been transformed into a new hot spot in Denver. If you can figure out the diagonal parking, then it is certainly a spot that you are likely to revisit time and time again.

A few years back, the city of Wheat Ridge decided to redevelop 38th avenue calling it The Ridge at 38 and create a town center that Wheat Ridge has been lacking. Now it seems like a new restaurant is popping up each month and new businesses to go along with them. If you love beer, then you definitely need to check out Colorado Plus which serves 56 Colorado craft

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When my wife and I bought our house a couple years ago, we started counting down the days until I could tear down the wall dividing the kitchen from the living room and open the entire living area up to one huge, open room. We bought the house from the original owner and while she had taken great care of it all these years, it still looked like it did 50 years ago. We have spent a ton of time and money bringing the major systems back up to date, finishing the basement for more room and working on the yard, but the day has finally come to tackle the kitchen and the kitchen remodel is under way.

Our house is a 50's raised ranch in Berkeley and like most 50's raised ranches, has good space but is very divided. The kitchen is tucked away from the dining

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