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It might seem counter-intuitive to list your house in the winter months, but actually there are many reasons to list and sell your property during the winter:

1. We see a measurable increase in online traffic on our Real Estate website when the weather gets makes sense, people are inside, and they are looking at properties online.  If you are thinking about selling your home anytime soon, yours should be one of them.

2. Transactions tend to run a little more smoothly in the winter months, when Realtors, Lenders and Title Company Reps are not as busy...your deal will have much more of their attention than it would get in the Spring, leading to less mistakes, faster closing times and more availability.

3. Buyers that throw on snow boots

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It's official! Whole Foods is coming to Downtown Denver. The biggest complaint I get from my clients who live Downtown is that there isn't a good grocery store close by and they end up having to drive quite a ways to get groceries. Many of those problems should fixed soon with the announcement that Whole Foods will be opening near Union Station in 2017. It will be about the same size as the stores in Cherry Creek and Belmar and be considered Denver's flagship store. 

Another look at 17W, where Whole Foods Market is planting a flag.

According to John Rebchook with, it will be in the 17W apartment community that will have 640 luxury apartment units and 70,000 square feet of retail space when it is completed. This is incredible news for the Downtown Denver Real Estate market and as I've

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Have you ever thought about investing in Denver Real Estate? There has never been a better time to own rental properties in Denver with rental rates at an all time high, vacancy rates at an all time low and interest rates back near an all time low. While investing sounds very tempting, it can also be very intimidating and confusing. I've owned rental properties for the past 7 years in Denver so thought I might give some tips to help get you started.

First, just like every Real Estate transaction, it starts with figuring out where you are going to get the money to buy the property. If you have cash, that certainly makes it a lot easier but it is not always the best financial strategy so I always suggest speaking with a lender to get started. You can

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We want a better vision for Wheat Ridge than big box stores and corporate retailers. That vision does not include a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Grocer, or any other Wal-Mart store.

  If you have driven around Wheat Ridge anytime lately, you've likely seen No Walmart on 38th signs everywhere. It got me curious so I looked into it and found out that there are rumors of a Walmart going in on the south west corner of 38th and Wadsworth.    It certainly makes sense why residents are protesting. There are already 6 Walmart's in a five mile radius of this site. But I think the biggest issue would be the potential lost by turning this corner into another big box store.   Wheat Ridge has been booming this year and if you follow this blog at all, you know that I've been encouraging people to invest in Wheat Ridge the past couple of years. The city of Wheat Ridge has been very aggressive in rebranding itself and has done a…
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You read that right, interest rates have dropped to their lowest level of 2014 and are below 4% right now, thanks in part to Ebola. With the second case of Ebola in Dallas, ISIS, a weak European economy and other problems around the world, investors are pulling their money from the stock market and putting it into the bond market. When the purchase of bonds increase, the bond yield decreases and as a result, so do mortgage interest rates.

I've spoken with a lender today who has seen rates drop as much as .75% today which is unheard of. I never thought we would see rates fall below 4% again and yet they have. Do the experts think this will last? No, the US economy is still very strong and it is only a matter of time before money gets put back into the

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If you watched or read our latest Denver Metro Area Market Report, you know that although the market is still very strong, we have definitely hit a seasonal slowdown....Days on Market is up, prices have leveled out, and it's starting to feel a bit more balanced out there.  After several months of homes selling within hours and with multiple offers, it's feeling like the frenzy might calm down for a while -- and we think that's a good thing. Buyers will be able to take a deep breath and really give careful consideration to a home before writing an offer. And sellers are starting to realize that they need to shine the best light on their home in order to sell quickly and for top dollar.

We asked Live Urban agents Stacey Rohrer and Annette Knutson (also

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Have you ever thought of how nice it would be to not have to pay a utility bill ever again? Well, that might be a reality soon for some lucky home-owners in Arvada. Geos Neighborhood will be coming to Arvada soon and it will be the largest net zero community in North America. Net zero communities are communities that use power only from energy it produces through solar, wind and underground geothermal systems on site, ending all dependence on electric and gas provided by utility companies.

Geos Solar PV

This 25 acre development will have 308 homes ranging from 750 square foot cottages to 2,700 square foot multi family homes and priced from the low $200’s-$500,000. The upfront cost is a little higher but the energy savings begin to pay off almost immediately.

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Live Urban LOVES to feature our agents' listings on our blog...and we try to put together a post as quickly as we can once a home hits the market.   

Recently, a home listed by Live Urban Realtor Susie Best came and went before we had a chance to write a post! So we asked Susie a few questions that we thought might help folks thinking about listing their home to sell quickly and for top dollar, like 3299 Lowell Boulevard #101 did!


Live Urban: Wow!

That was long was this one actually on the market? 

 Susie: Two Days   Live Urban: Why do you think the property sold so quickly?   Susie: My clients worked hard to get the property cleaned and spruced up per my recommendations and they listened to us and didn't over-price it.
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What is the cost of waiting to buy a home in Denver these days? Working with buyers, I hear
a lot of the time, "I"m waiting to buy... to get a larger downpayment, for my lease to expire,
the timing to be right, the prices to come down, etc., etc., etc." Many of these are very valid
and real reasons and I certainly understand where buyers are coming from. However, after seeing this latest graph and stats, I feel it is my duty as an agent to let all buyers know how important it is to not wait to buy if you can manage it.

The great graph below was provided by Megan Aller with Land Title. Megan tracks the Denver Real Estate statistics better than anyone in Denver and the info she provides is always top notch and eye opening. The graph is pretty self

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Just last week I got a call from a client who found out he was getting trasnferred just 15 days after he bought his very first home. While he was upset, luckily he wasn't too worried about renting out his condo and he was able to get it rented for a profit to the first person he talked to. While this isn't always the case, it is getting more and more common in Denver where the Denver market was ranked as number five in the nation for homeowners making the most money off mom-and-pop rentals according to

Zillow considers mom-and-pop landlords as homeowners who have turned their personal home into a rental rather than selling it when they move. With the rental market so hot right now and home prices appreciating so quickly, it is no wonder

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