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It always happens, one day you are in shorts and the next the snow moves in and fall and then winter are here to stay. And while this week has been cold, it should be warming up again soon giving us plenty of time to do some housework and prepare our homes for winter. I recently found these 10 steps for preparing your Denver home for winter on All could be knocked out in an afternoon, and considering the potential energy savings, definitely worth the time investment. For more great home ideas, enjoy a free subscription to by clicking here, and I hope these tips come in handy.

1. Insulate your hot water heater. For a lot of homes, the hot water heater is one of the biggest energy users in the house. This is

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When I woke up this morning and heard the about the government shutdown, my first thought was, how it will effect Denver Real Estate? With the market still booming right now, I always dread these types of incidents popping up and slowing things down. After doing some research though, I feel pretty confident that the shutdown won't have a significant impact on the market as long as it is brief.

The biggest area of concern with the housing market whenever there is a government shutdown has to do with the mortgage side of the business. Since 90% of all loan activity is underwritten, insured or owned by government and its affiliated entities there is inevitably going to be a slowdown. FHA loans will feel the biggest impact. FHA will continue to

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Even with the higher interest rates, buying and owning a home in Denver remains cheaper than renting, so why are you still renting? A few months ago, when interest rates were in the 3% range, it was easy to see why buying was cheaper than renting.When I tell that to renters now, most don’t believe me because of the rising home prices around Denver and rates more in the mid to high 4% range. But according to a study by, it is 45% cheaper to buy than rent in Colorado.

To read the full study and to understand how they come up with their numbers, click here. It turns out that Denver is still one of the most affordable cities in the country and one of the best places to buy right now. With rents still on the rise and no signs of slowing, I

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If you haven't heard yet, Trader Joe's is coming to Downtown Denver. It will be the 4th store opened in Colorado and the reports say it will be open by the end of 2014. This one will be located at 7th and Logan across from Governor's Park. For those living in Central and West Denver, it will certainly be a relief and is already bringing lots of excitement.   And while this is good news for Trader Joe's enthusiasts, it is also good news for Real Estate in this area. One of the biggest complaints of Downtown living is the lack of good grocery stores. This isn't going to help out residents in Lodo too much, but for residents in eastern Downtown, this will believe it or not, have an impact on property values. I've had numerous buyers decide to not buy in…
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We are loving the concept for this new HGTV show...

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HGTV’s New House, New Life

Are you in the process of moving from Wall Street to Main Street? Or maybe you’re getting ready to trade in that cubicle for a houseboat? Planning to run your own B&B, rafting business, ski shop, doggie daycare?

No matter your passion, if you’re tired of “working for the man” or living someone else’s dream and have just moved or are in the process of doing so, then we’re looking for you! HGTV’s latest series, “New House, New Life” seeks fun, high-energy people who have recently relocated or are picking up stakes to a new location to follow a lifelong passion or newfound interest.

If you are thinking of making a major life transition into or out of

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3 Girls, 3 Gardens   I love my garden at my Denver home and every summer I look forward to supplementing my dinners with homegrown produce. And while I've had a bumper crop this summer with more tomatoes, jalapeños and eggplant than I know what to do with, there is no way that I could live off my garden alone.   That is why I found it so fascinating that there are Denver homeowners that are living off their gardens and actually surviving. A former client and friend of mine, Jennifer, is doing just that this summer and is chronicling it with a Facebook page called 3 girls, 3 gardens, click here.    The page follows three Denver friends with organic urban gardens and their quest to only eat food that comes from their combined gardens for thirty days. So far they are…
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Last month I wrote about how I feel that investing in Downtown Denver is such a great idea right now and how it is an overlooked "hot" market. The general reasoning for this is that while thousands of people are moving Downtown, almost no new condos are being built to support this increased demand. Click here to read the full blog post. Browsing through the Denver Business Journal recently, I found some solid facts to back up my Downtown theories so thought I would share.

According to the Denver Business Journal, "Colorado needs inexpensive housing as new residents flood into the state, yet few new condominiums are being built. Why? A key reason is Colorado law, which puts condo builders at risk of expensive class-action lawsuits filed over construction

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  If you have driven I-70 east of I-25 through Denver anytime recently, then you know how obvious it is that the road needs to be fixed and widened. Luckily, the city has a 2 billion dollar plan to redo I-70 in the near future. Unfortunately, it might not be as great as we all hope it would be.   The current plan for redoing I-70 in Denver calls for the highway to be widened to 24 lanes from I-25 east. While this would be great and make commuting so much easier, it also creates a load of concerns for Denver residents living in North Denver especially.    First, the plan only calls for widening the highway east of I-25 and west of Wadsworth. That would leave the highway as is from I-25 to Wads. I'm not a traffic engineer, but I can only begin to…
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Jefferson Park is an unknown gem of Denver Neighborhoods.  Jefferson Park is an amazing little area just West of I-25, South of Speer Blvd, East of Federal and North of 20th Ave, that has been going through a quiet Renaissance in the last few years.  Walk Denver, an organization that is promoting more walkability in the City of Denver, has worked with Better Block Jefferson Park to build a strong community advocating for this neighborhood’s urban appeal and high walkability.  Better Block Jefferson Park hosts free concerts, pop-up events, and is very active in promoting this community.  

Additionally the Denver City Council recently approved redevelopment plan for 25th Avenue just East of Federal Boulevard to redevelop the long neglected, but very

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The latest data from Metrolist®, which powers, a free resource for Colorado home buyers, sellers and owners, announced today that the month-to-month inventory levels in the Denver metro area increased at the same rate of homes sold, indicating a stable, orderly and strong local housing market.

More than 6,000 homes closed in July, which equated to a 10 percent increase month-over-month, and a significant 32 percent increase from July 2012. The increase in sales velocity signifies a healthy demand for Denver-area homes.

The sales velocity was matched by a 9 percent increase in available listings, but there are still 7 percent fewer homes on the market than there were at this time last year. The increasing inventory levels will continue

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