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What is the deal with a 15 year mortgage? Should I consider one when buying a Denver home? It certainly is a good question and one that we hear more and more now that rates for 15 year mortgages are so incredibly low.

The average for a 15 year mortgage is now down around the 3% level which is just plain crazy. In the past, lots of buyers shied away from 15 year mortgages because if you are paying your home off twice as fast, obviously your monthly payments are going to be much higher. But with rates so low, you might be surprised as to what you can afford and the benefits of paying it off in 15 years as opposed to 30 years are obvious.

Let’s look at some numbers. If you were to get a 15 year mortgage on a $250,000 home with 3.5% down and

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With the Denver Real Estate market so hot right now, multiple offers are starting to become more and more common for the best homes in Denver. It certainly isn’t something we have experienced in the recent past, typically a low ball offer was more the norm than multiple offers with many coming in above asking price. So with our market changing to quickly, what is the best way to handle multiple offers to make sure you get the right house before it is gone? Below are three tips that I share with my buyers to give them the best chance to snag the perfect home before it is gone.

1)      If you find the right house, jump on it before others do. The longer you wait, the better chance there will be other offers and the better chance the price is going

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Join us for the “Race To Your Next Place" on Saturday, May 19th, 2012. Registered racers in teams of two will participate in a city-wide scavenger hunt to win a $10,000 cash prize! It can be a down payment on a new home - or a new kitchen - a renovated bath - whatever you want! guildlogo_363Our grand prize has been generously provided byGuild Mortgage, media sponsorship from The Denver Post Community, and all registration

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 What are the future plans for Stapleton? If you have driven anywhere close to Stapleton recently, you can’t help but notice all the earth being moved, new roads being built and what appears to be a lot of new infrastructure leading to nothing. So after showing homes there recently, I got to wondering what the long term plan for Stapleton is.

I got lucky in my search by finding a great article and image in the Denver Post which lays out the plans pretty clearly. In the next ten years, there should be about 3,500 new homes, 3,500 new apartments, 1 million additional square feet of retail and 8.5 million square feet of office/industrial space built. This expansion will essentially double the size of Stapleton making it one of the largest and most

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I want to put a privacy fence in the backyard of my Denver home; do I need a permit to do so? It is a question that I am actually asking right now.  With the weather going to be so nice this weekend, I might actually get around to putting up the fence I’ve been putting off all winter. Looking deeper into it, and consulting Kyle O’Connor with KJO Construction, I have found out it all really depends.

The City of Denver has a very helpful link on their website to walk you through the process and help you figure out if you need a permit or not. It appears the biggest criteria to needing a permit is if you plan to build a masonry wall over 4 feet tall or a wood fence over 8 feet tall.  Also, it makes a big difference if you live along a parkway or Landmark

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Race To Your Next Place
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racelogofinal-notags_1350Join us for the “Race To Your Next Place" on Saturday, May 19th, 2012. Registered racers in teams of two will participate in a city-wide scavenger hunt to win a $10,000 cash prize towards the down payment of a new home! guildlogo_363Our grand prize has been generously provided by Guild Mortgage, media sponsorship from The Denver Post Community, and all registration proceeds of the event benefit Habitat for Humanity of Colorado. And big thanks to Denver areaAce Hardware stores for thier generous sponsorship.

ace-hardware-logo_400On race day, we'll get things started at a kick-off party at The Tailgate Roadhouse, with sponsor booths, music and excitement, as we send hundreds of

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How can I search for Green Homes or homes with Green Features in Denver? Before yesterday, it was pretty tough. But luckily, Metrolist, the largest real estate multiple listing service (MLS) serving Colorado real estate agents finally introduced a way to search for green and energy efficient attributes in Denver homes.

What does this mean for home buyers and sellers? A lot actually. It means that green attributes will finally be searchable and as a result, have a direct impact on the value of homes with these features. For years in now in California, Oregon and Washington these search attributes have been available and these states have been able to track directly how much value each green feature adds to a home. Right now in Denver we can

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Why is now a good time to buy a Denver home you might ask? Typically in February in Denver, the Real Estate market is rather slow and not a lot going on. People are waiting for spring to roll around when the “selling” season starts and then will decided to do something. But this past February was by no means your standard February in Denver and if my experience yesterday was any indication, two of my clients got outbid by tens of thousands of dollars; March certainly won’t be typical either.

If you have spoken with a Realtor in Denver lately, you know the market is hot and ready to take off. I am strongly encouraging everybody I know who is considering buying to do it now before it is too late. But if you don’t want to take my word for it, here

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The Lobby  

Following the lead of Four Seasons Private Residences, the condos above the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Denver, known as Residences XXV, have slashed prices by 60% for the next 7 units that sell. Do you think it will be enough to get these sold?

It certainly has worked for the Four Seasons. Since they slashed prices by 45%, they have sold almost 30 units and all the one bedrooms are gone. I think slashing prices will help, but these units which I toured last year still have some challenges ahead of them. First, the one bedrooms at this new price start at $430,000 which is definitely on the high end for one bedrooms Downtown. And second, these units don’t have balconies which when you are paying this much money, you would hope to have at least some outdoor

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house numbers  

There are so many options for updating the numbers on your home's exterior...they cost next to nothing, they are easy to install/stencil/decal your house a favor and replace your numbers!   


house numbers


  house numbers  


house numbers  


house numbers  


house numbers  


painted house numbers  


house numbers  


house numbers  


red door  


house numbers   


Put them in a non-traditional spot, and you are on your way to some fresh curb appeal!

 Thinking of doing some exterior work but not sure you will see a Return on your Investment when you Sell?  

Let's talk it out!  Give me a call at 720-299-6635 or email me at


**All of the lovely photos on this post are via Pinterest.  Please check out my House Numbers board for original sources and more ideas!      

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