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Denver recently announced the Metro Morgage Assistance plus program as a way to help more buyers reach the goal of homeownership. This program provides buyers with a 4% grant, that does not have to be repayed, that can be used towards a down payment and or closing costs. 

There are a few guidelines that you need to meet in order to qualify for the grant in addition to qualifying for a regular mortage. These criteria include:

- Must make less than $91,100 for households of two or fewer persons (and less than $103,000 for three or more).

- Must have a minimum FICO score of 640 (660 for manufactured homes) and a maximum debt-to-income ratio of 45.

- Even though a significant portion of your down payment will be supported by this grant, you may

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Last week I did a blog post about Denver’s next hot hoods. I got a lot of interest from it so thought I would try to make it a weekly post. This week I’m highlighting an area I’ve been working in like crazy lately, North Park Hill.

North Park Hill is on fire right now and it really surprise me how not many people are talking about it. North Park Hill is roughly Colorado Boulevard east to Quebec and Martin Luther King Boulevard north to I-70. It is easy to understand why it gets overshadowed by true Park Hill with it’s stunning architecture and ever growing price tag. But like Edgewater and Wheat Ridge which are benefiting greatly from the growing price tag of Highlands, North Park Hill is reaping the same rewards too.

Architecturally, North

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I get asked all the time, what is the next hot neighborhood in Denver? As I’m out showing properties, and being on the constant look out as an investor myself, I’m always searching for the next hot hood for my clients to get into before it takes off. I recently read about the hottest hoods in the May issue of 5280 Magazine. While I agree with them, they aren’t exactly groundbreaking or surprising. So I thought I would dig a little deeper and give you my personal opinion on some neighborhoods that I expect big things from in the next five years. Each week I will highlight a new neighborhood and hopefully give you a few more options to think about.

I surprise most people when I tell them that I believe downtown is going to be one of Denver’s next hot

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If you haven't registered for Race to Your Next Place yet, now is the time. The Race is rapidly approaching on May 18th which is only 3 Saturdays away. There is a max of 250 teams allowed to race this year so make sure to sign up before we reach that magic number. 

Not only will you have the chance to win $10,000 and help out a great cause in Habitat for Humanity, there will be great door prizes, food, music and drinks. Plus, if you are looking for connections for local businesses in the area, it is a perfect chance to mingle with many of Live Urban Real Estate's favorite businesses and come away with a connection for a reliable plumber, quality electrician, top notch lender and favorite restaurant. We are so excited to have all of our sponsors

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As you might have heard, we are kind of in a drought. As a result, Denver Water has declared a Stage 2 drought which will impact most Denver residents. Denver Water customers are now allowed to only water two days per week. Homes with even addresses can water on Thursday and Sunday and homes with odd addresses can water Saturday and Wednesday. The length of time that you are allowed to water on these given days has been shortened as well. And while the watering times have decreased, the penalties for violating the restrictions has increased. The first violation is a warning, the second a $250 fine and the third a $500 fine. 

    While the snow in the mountains wasn't great this year, it certainly was better than last year and I know it get…
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While I see hundreds of homes a year, by no means do I consider myself a home design expert. When I have clients ask what they should do with their home, I can give a few tips, but almost always I advise them to ask an expert. There is the possibility of hiring a designer, but if you are looking for a free resource to see what other homeowners have done with their homes, my number one suggestion is always is a collaborative platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professional together in the largest residential design database in the world. With over a million photos, it might seem overwhelming, but the website allows you to search by room, style and even by geographic area to find

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What is the Denver Real Estate market going to do as we get into spring? Historically, springtime marks the beginning of "buying season" for Real Estate in Denver and so the standard answer is that the market is really going to pick up. But with as crazy as the market has been the past three months, it is hard to say with any certainty that it can get any hotter than it is right now, but my gut says it will.

According to the S&P/Case Shiller home prices index that was released yesterday, the Denver metro area saw a 9.2% rise in home prices in January compared to last January at the same time. That marks 13 straight months of year-over-year gains and the highest gains since the housing market burst in 2006. According to an article in the Denver

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Have you heard of the Denver Energy Challenge? It is a free service provide by the city of Denver to help residents and businesses become more energy efficient. And since it is free, I figured why not try it out?    I met with Jenny today from the Denver Energy Challenge who was nice enough to stop by my house and spend a good hour consulting me in all the ways my house is saving energy and also ways in which I can make my home more efficient. We walked through the entire house and she pointed out small and large steps I can take to save energy, and as a result, money.   Within a few hours of our consult I had a full report from Jenny outlining ways I can make improvements to my home along with a list of recommended service providers that can…
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  Most people I know would love to add solar to their home, it is just a matter of how expensive it is and if it's really worth it. I wondered the same thing so I started asking around. What I found was pretty shocking. Did you know you can actually add solar to your home for absolutely free?      Last week, I met with Jeff Munn with Syndicated Solar and was amazed by what he had to show me. After about 30 minutes meeting with him, I felt like an expert on solar and was excited about my options. Syndicated Solar offered me three different options.    1) The first is a zero down program. With no money out of pocket, I could add solar to my house and over the next 20 years potentially save $6,498 in electric bills. The way this program works…
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