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What condo buildings in Downtown Denver have huge balconies? I have been getting lots of requests from buyers lately for condos that have huge balconies in Downtown Denver. Why you may ask? Condos are great for lots of people. No yard work, low maintenance, few worries. But it’s nice to have some outdoor space to use, especially during the great summer nights we have here in Denver. And lots of people want a more useable space than the standard condo deck that allows enough room for a couple of chairs. While there aren’t a lot of large balconies in condos Downtown, there are a handful that are pretty remarkable and will blow you away.

Some of the most impressive large balconies in Downtown Denver can be found at the Spire. There are 7 units on the 9th

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Do you want to tackle a fix up home project, or do you live in a house that needs some fix up but you have no idea how to pay for the work? Then you are in luck if you live in Englewood or plan to buy there. The City of Englewood is now offering a pretty generous Home Improvement Loan Program.

This program offers an interest rate below 5% which is well below what you find if you were to get a home equity loan or line of credit. You can use it for a wide variety of improvements and part of the loan may be deferred until the home is sold. So if you live in Englewood and need to do some work to your home, what a great option.

If you are looking to buy a home, and in your price point you know the house will need work, this just might make

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You don’t see a lot of stucco around Denver, but if you pay attention for it, you will find it, especially on condo and office buildings. While stucco can be a great siding chose, there are certain types of stucco that you need to look out for.  If you are condo shopping and end up buying in a building with the wrong type of stucco, you could be looking at major work down the road for the building, something you probably don’t want any part of.

Lots of builders will use stucco because it is somewhat affordable, offers a nice, clean look and is fairly maintenance free.  However, it is very labor intensive to install and will show cracking after a number of years that requires patching. As an alternative, in the 80’s builders started using a synthetic

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Denver was just named the best Real Estate market in American in which to invest right now. To those that already live in Denver, it is little wonder why. According to Greg Rand with, Denver is the top investment market in the U.S. right now because of quality of life. People are migrating from across the country to Denver for its lifestyle. On top of the incredible lifestyle, the fresh air, mountains, high quality of life, etc., people are also drawn to the Denver because of the low cost of living, unemployment is half the national average as is the foreclosure rate. Word about Denver is getting out and as more and more people move to Denver, there is only one way for the Real Estate market to go and that is up.

Investing in

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What will the Denver Real Estate market be like in 2012? I wish I had a crystal ball to answer that, but since I don’t, I guess I will do it the old fashioned way of looking at Real Estate trends and projections to give my best prediction. I believe 2012 could be the best Real Estate market we have seen in years, but it all depends on a few key factors. To better understand these factors and what the future holds, it is best to take a quick look back at the Denver Real Estate market in 2011.

2011 was a very interesting year for the Denver Real Estate market. Home sales were up 1.5% over 2010, always a good sign. The median sales price dropped to $230,000 from $235,000 which can be explained by the incredibly hot lower end market, homes under $200,000

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 Yard Sign


I keep seeing No High Rises in West Highland signs around the neighborhood, what is that all about? If you are to drive around West Highlands, and now, most of the greater Highlands neighborhood, you are likely to see these signs in yards. These signs are in reference to a planned apartment complex just north of Highland Square and it certainly has created a lot of heated discussion by those that support the development and especially by those who adamantly oppose it.

For those that are opposed to the development, they have certainly done their homework and listed out many reasons why they don’t feel this development belongs in Highlands Square. The website of does a good job of outlining their position as well as

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I hear it all the time, “what is the buyer/seller thinking?  Are they crazy?” In a Real Estate market like we are in, it isn’t unusual for buyers and sellers to be pretty far apart when it comes to price. To prove this further, a new study came out with some interesting numbers. According to RIS Media, 76% of home owners believe their home is worth more than their agent’s recommended listing price and 68 percent of home buyers say homes are overpriced.

When you look at these numbers, it makes you wonder how a home is every sold since it seems buyers and sellers are so far apart. Despite this, homes are selling at one of the fastest clips in recent time, so what gives? I believe it is all about mindset and buyers and sellers expectations going into the

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Should I take my Denver house off the market for the Holidays?  It is a question I get a lot and with the perception that Real Estate shuts down during the holidays, I believe most people would say yes.  But I would suggest that you think twice about pulling your house off the market this time of year and consider the advantages of having it on the market instead.

It is true that the market does slow down this time of year and there aren’t as many homes for sell or buyers out looking around the Holidays.  But instead of following other sellers, why not use the depleted inventory to your advantage?  Some of my busiest months of all time have been in November, December and January.  And the reason?  Because people who are buying and selling this time

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Is the Denver Real Estate market a buyer's market or a seller's market right now? If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in Denver, then this is a great question to ask before you begin. For the past 8 years, as long as I have been in the Real Estate, Denver has been a strong buyer's market. But how do we know when it transitions from a buyer's market to a seller's market?

Before going into numbers to answer this question, it is necessary to first understand what the difference between a buyer's and seller's market is. In a buyer's market, there are more home sellers than there are buyers. When this occurs, there is greater supply than demand and typically the buyer holds the negotiating power and can expect a great deal. On the flip side,

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Who pays the Realtor's fees in Colorado? It is a great question and one that often comes up right after the excitement of going under contract on a home wears off and the finances come into play.  In the simplest terms, the seller pays the commission for both the listing agent selling the home and the buyer’s agent representing the buyer.

To get technical, the seller actually pays the Real Estate Company who is representing them.  The company in turn pays the Realtor representing the buyer.  So for buyers in Colorado, there is really no excuse to not have a Realtor representing you in the largest purchase you will ever make in your life.  It doesn’t cost the buyer a penny, you get professional representation and advice and an agent who knows the

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