What condo buildings in Downtown Denver have huge balconies?

Posted on Monday, January 16th, 2012 at 1:44pm.

What condo buildings in Downtown Denver have huge balconies? I have been getting lots of requests from buyers lately for condos that have huge balconies in Downtown Denver. Why you may ask? Condos are great for lots of people. No yard work, low maintenance, few worries. But it’s nice to have some outdoor space to use, especially during the great summer nights we have here in Denver. And lots of people want a more useable space than the standard condo deck that allows enough room for a couple of chairs. While there aren’t a lot of large balconies in condos Downtown, there are a handful that are pretty remarkable and will blow you away.

Some of the most impressive large balconies in Downtown Denver can be found at the Spire. There are 7 units on the 9th floor that face the heart of Downtown. These units are unique in they offer 14 foot ceilings and have at a minimum 500 square foot balconies. These start in the $400K range and are pretty remarkable.

The Glass House offers units with large balconies on the 8th and 12th floor, some approaching 800 square feet. These range in price from $300,000-600,000. Here is the view from one that sold last year on the 12th floor.


In Jefferson Park, two condo buildings offer large balconies as well. River Clay Condos and Zocalo condos have numerous units with large balconies ranging in price from $190,000 to $400,000.

Other condos like the Beauvallon, Waterside Lofts, One Lincoln Park, Tower on the Park and Isbell condos have the occasional unit that comes available with a very large balcony. Sellers will typically ask a premium for this space but keep in mind there is definitely a demand for it in a city that receives 300 plus days of sunshine a year

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