Meet the team at LIVE Urban Real Estate.

At Live Urban Real Estate, we've gathered a great team of real estate professionals. We're not only some of the best agents in the business, but we're your friends and neighbors, and we are active in our community. Whether buying or selling, the brokers of Live Urban specialize in urban-oriented, residential properties and have exceptional market knowledge of Denver's classic neighborhoods. We've got a full staff of professionals working behind the scenes as well. Meet them here.

Nate Abbott, Broker Associate, Realtor®, LEED AP

Nate is a native of New Mexico, but made the move to Denver from Washington, DC to go back to graduate school. After graduating with a Master…

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Susan Adams, Broker Associate, Realtor

Susan Adams grew up in the Midwest in the middle of an idyllic vineyard setting where her family grew Christmas trees and owned and operated …

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Alli Aman, Broker Associate, Realtor

Denver, Colorado has Alli’s heart! Her favorite thing to say is “Denver is my first true love.” Though she was not born in Colorado, Alli’s …

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Amy Anderson, Broker Associate, Realtor

Amy fell in love with Colorado at the age of 10 when her family ventured to Aspen from Kansas for a ski vacation. Even though she broke her l…

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Rina Avalos, Broker Associate, Realtor

I was born and raised in North Denver (what is now known as the Highlands.) As a Denver native, it has been interesting to witness and exper…

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Kimberly Beck, Broker Associate, Realtor

Kimberly is a Colorado native, and she has been in the Real Estate industry in some aspect for over eight years. Her dedication to customer s…

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Ryan Belinak, Broker Associate, Realtor

Born and raised in rural Montana, Ryan always had a desire to live in a metropolitan setting. Following the completion of his undergraduate d…

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Patterson Benero, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Born in Manhattan (always a New Yorker); Bred in New England (still a proper Yankee). The work resume reads like “War and Peace”, so we’ll ju…

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Nancy Bible, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Nancy originally came to Colorado to attend CU - Boulder. Colorado has always felt like home to her even though Madison, Wisconsin was the …

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Kendall Boyd, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Kendall is a very proud Colorado native. Having grown up in urban Denver, she absolutely loves the uniqueness of our historic neighborhoods…

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Katie Bozard, Broker Associate, Realtor

I am a proud to say that I am a Colorado Native. Growing up in Denver and seeing it evolve over the years has been fascinating. Denver has so…

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Amy Brimah, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Amy puts together all types of complex real estate deals. She closes deals for her buyers, sellers, and investors. Amy has the expertise get …

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Karin Camarena, Broker Associate, Realtor

Having grown up most of her life in Colorado, Karin considers herself a native. Her passion for this great City is at its’ best when she is s…

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  • Cell # 303.881.8112

Lisa Chabot, Broker Associate, Realtor®

I have been a Realtor® since 2001, specializing in city and city close properties, horse properties and ranch properties. I have strong nego…

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Joe Chang, Broker Associate, Realtor

Slick. Deceptive. Sleazy. These are all things Joe is not. Instead, you’ll find Joe to be slightly geeky, very creative and hardworking. His …

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  • Cell # 720.588.8221

Toni Ciarlelli, Broker Associate, Realtor, ABR, Green

I’m a former commercial airline pilot of 34 years who has traded her seat in the cockpit for a chair at the closing table. After moving…

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Caren Colangelo, Broker Associate, Realtor

Caren brings a rich background of high-level management in telecommunications and military experience to her real estate practice. Her past p…

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Shelley Conger, Broker Associate, Realtor

Shelley is an outdoor enthusiast born and raised in the South, but Colorado is her true home. After receiving her Business Management degree f…

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Brian Conley, Broker Associate, REALTOR®

Brian grew up in New York and is a graduate of The University of Florida. Go Gators! He loves Denver and everything Colorado has to offer a…

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Jolynn Crownover, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Being raised in a military family, I have always had a passion to serve others and my community. After earning a Master’s in Nonprofit Managem…

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Patrick Currin, Broker Associate, Realtor

Although Patrick isn't new at Live Urban Real Estate, he is currently writing his bio and answering all the questions below. Can't wait to re…

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Maribeth Dirksen-Turse, Broker Associate, Realtor

Maribeth Dirksen is not your average Realtor. She’s more of a take-you- under-her wing, see-the- possibilities, make-the- dream-a- reality al…

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Carolyn Dooling

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Lauren Eddy, Broker Associate, Realtor

Though not a true Colorado native, Lauren has spent the majority of her life here. After growing up in the suburbs of Denver, Lauren attend…

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  • Cell # 720.289.9472

Jeff Ederer, Broker Associate, Realtor®

A California native who moved to Denver in 2004 after living the previous 11 years in New England, Jeff took a creative path to becoming a re…

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  • Cell # 303.522.3163

Doran Farnum III, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Architecture and residential home design have been passions of mine as far back as I can remember. I began in high school taking architectur…

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  • Cell # 720.206.7900

Josh Gertz, Broker Associate, Realtor

Born and raised in the Denver Metro area, Josh is very proud to be able to trace his Colorado roots back five generations. You can say he ha…

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Kelsey Gilliland, Broker Associate, Realtor

Kelsey is a Colorado native who grew up enjoying 300+ days of sunshine in Boulder. After venturing to the East Coast for college, she returne…

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  • Cell # 303.956.8250

Irene Glazer, Broker Associate, Realtor, Eco-Braniac!

“Not a Native, but I got here as fast as I could." Irene always had an interest for, and love of, human behavior and when it comes to the big…

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  • Cell # 303.888.3735

Randi Goldberg, Broker Associate, Coach/Trainer, Realtress, Realtor

Randi, born and raised in New York always had a love for the city and urban life. She was born in Queens and grew up in a town right on th…

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Jake Greenfield, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Being a Colorado native I have always loved the outdoors. This passion for the outdoors eventually led me to pursuing a Bachelors Degree in E…

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Ken Greenfield

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Cindy Hall, Broker Associate, REALTOR

Have you ever come across a situation in your life where you wanted to be given all the facts by someone you trust, in order to make the best…

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Michael Hanayik, Broker Associate, Realtor

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Delfino Juarez, Broker Associate, Realtor

Delfino grew up in a small town in northern Wyoming spending most of his summers working on the family farm always knowing he was desti…

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  • Cell # 303.437.5512

Randy Juden, Realtor, Broker Associate

After graduating from a small college in KS, his home state, Randy began working as a professional singer/actor, touring the country with mus…

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Min Kaess, Broker Associate, Realtor

Min made Colorado her home in 2013. A proud California transplant, she has navigated her way through Denver’s city streets, following her pass…

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  • Cell # 720.460.1461

Travis Kaess, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Travis is a Colorado Native who uses his local knowledge and real estate expertise to provide his clients with an unforgettable real estate e…

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  • Cell # 720.587.9713

Sandi Klatt, Broker Associate, Realtor, Live Denver Team

Sandi is a Denver native. She grew up in the North suburbs and settled in Southeast Aurora to raise her son along with her husband, Paul. Aft…

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  • Cell # 303.594.3492

Annette Knutson, Broker Associate, Realtor

I was born and raised in Denver, so I've seen Denver’s urban neighborhoods thrive, stabilize, then revitalize and come alive again. I have…

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  • Cell # 303.829.5735

Paul Kourkoulis, Assistant Managing Broker, Realtor

Paul's mission as your Realtor will be to make the home buying or selling process smooth and enjoyable through his knowledge of classic Denve…

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  • Cell # 720.838.0737

Kelly Kozlowski, Broker Associate, Realtor

Kelly has been a specialist in customer service since she was 5 years old. Back then if she answered her Dad’s home office phone using courte…

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  • Cell # 303.909.1400

Linda Kriebel, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Linda was born and raised in Pennsylvania and Indiana.  Growing up, she and her family moved eight times. At a young age, she took on the rol…

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Jen Larsen Brown, Broker Associate, Realtor

Jen was born and raised in a small Wisconsin town where she learned to be genuine, patient, and kind. She has called Denver home for the pas…

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  • Cell # 303.895.8124

Cindy Laudadio-Hill, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Cindy’s improvisational and creative spirit has been the driving force behind all of her endeavors. Starting with a post-college move to Ber…

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  • Cell # 303.898.3461

Piper Leitz, Broker Associate, Realtor

Piper Leitz grew up in Boulder, Colorado but her life journey via NYC, LA, and Michigan eventually led her to buy a home in Inspiration Point…

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  • Cell # 720.404.6099

Mary Lemieux, Broker Associate, Realtor

Mary’s Colorado roots run deep. Her mother was a native and her great grandfather owned a farm that is currently known as Centennial Airpor…

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  • Cell # 303.803.4183

Nicole Luna, Broker Associate, Realtor

Nicole is proud to call herself a Colorado Native, with deep family roots in Denver going all the way back to her great grandparents and …

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  • Cell # 303.726.9523

Jill Mant, Broker Associate, Realtor

Jill was recruited to Denver in 2004 from the San Francisco Bay Area to assume the position of Director of Business Development for a media g…

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  • Cell # 303.877.7987

Vicki Manton, GRI, CRS, Broker Associate, Realtor®, GREEN

Vicki has lived all over the world, but as a Colorado native, she knows all about the different neighborhood and community options all over…

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  • Cell # 303.909.9889

Lora Martinez, Broker Associate, Realtor

Lora is a Colorado native and a global citizen at heart. Born in Grand Junction and raised in Louisville, Lora thought she'd try out the big …

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  • Cell # 303.941.6110

O'Brien McGarey, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Whether selling a home, a piece of raw ground or executing a multi-phase contract to design, build and develop a golf course, the experience …

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  • Cell # 303.898.8550

Stephanie Menuey, Broker Associate, Realtor®

As a Colorado native, I have lived in Evergreen to Lakewood, Washington Park, Platt Park to Park Hill, and currently reside in Stapleton. I'v…

  • Office # (303) 455-5483
  • Cell # (303) 709-7848

Jana Miller, Managing Broker, Realtor

Jana qualifies as a semi-native having lived in Denver since age 8. She has lived all over the city and southern suburbs, but has a special a…

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  • Cell # 720.310.5262

Sara Murdoch, Broker Associate, Realtor, Live Denver Team

Sara comes to Real Estate with over 20 years experience in Sales, Marketing, and Interior Design. She brings her passion for personal service…

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  • Cell # 303.513.1444

Bruno Nardi, Broker Associate, REALTOR®

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  • Cell # 720.394.4236

Allison Panter, Broker Associate, Realtor

Allison grew up outside of New Orleans and moved to Denver two weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005. She was amazed at the respo…

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  • Cell # 303.709.7444

Stacey Potts, Broker Associate, Realtor®, ABR, SFR

Originally from downtown Chicago, Stacey is urban through and through - with a healthy side of suburban and mountain leanings. Her love of Co…

  • Office # 303.455.5483
  • Cell # 720.635.2110

Barret Ramey, Broker Associate, Realtor

Growing up in an Army family, we had moved over a dozen times by the time I graduated high school. Knowing that change can be scary and someti…

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  • Cell # 720-320-2184

Liz Reyes, Broker Associate, Realtor

Liz was Born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and moved to Denver in 1991. Liz has had the privilege of living a bi-cultural experience …

  • Office # 303.455.LIVE
  • Cell # 720.934.1193

Sarah Riggs, Broker Associate, Realtor®

I was born and raised in Denver and have really enjoyed seeing my hometown continue to come to life. It is thrilling to see so many people fr…

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  • Cell # 303.503.7186

Penny Ritter, Broker Associate, Realtor

Always seeking a career path to do it my way, I have been an entrepreneur since my mid-twenties. After my education at CSU Fort Collins, I en…

  • Office # 303.455.LIVE
  • Cell # 303.601.5292

Rebekah Robinson, Broker Associate, Realtor

Rebekah is a Denver native, she loves and believes in the city. She enjoys exploring and sharing her knowledge with her clients. She brings a…

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  • Cell # 303.437.2520

Jason Rogers, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Q&A With Jason

Where do you LIVE?
I live in Barnum where I have access to some of the best hole in the wall restaurants in town.

Why …

  • Office # 720.624.6203
  • Cell # 720.514.9289

Stacey Rohrer, Broker Associate, Realtor

Stacey’s passion for Denver’s vibrant neighborhoods, architecture and providing exceptional client service culminated into a succ…

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  • Cell # 303.619.9910

Ash Sabados, Broker Associate, Realtor

Ash originally came to Denver in 1998 from Canada to attend University of Denver, where he graduated with a Finance Degree. After graduating,…

  • Office # 303.455.5483
  • Cell # 303.646.7806

Stephanie Shanahan, Broker Associate, Realtor

Stephanie’s tenacity and optimism are what drives her to be an outstanding REALTOR. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, her “lif…

  • Office # 303.455.5483
  • Cell # 720.299.8155

Casey Shea, Broker Associate, Realtor®

As a second generation real estate professional and a Colorado native, Casey has been actively involved in the business of helping people wit…

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  • Cell # 303.550.3108

Nick Silbaugh, Broker Associate, Realtor

Nick moved to Denver 3 years ago from the desert of Phoenix, AZ. He originally came to expand his electronics business, with no intention of …

  • Office # 303.455.LIVE
  • Cell # 720.469.5207

John Skrabec, Founder/Owner, Broker, Realtor®

Having an imaginative soul, I began my education earning two degrees from CU Boulder in environmental design and marketing. After a few years…

  • Office # 303.455.LIVE
  • Cell # 303.477.4760

John Steeby, Broker Associate, REALTOR®

John wasn't born and raised in Colorado; however, he's looking forward to enjoying life here now that he's arrived. Originally from Chicago, …

  • Office # 303-455-LIVE
  • Cell # 773-306-8077

Kelley Sudderth, Broker Associate, Realtor

Kelley was born in Traverse City, Michigan, however most of her life she lived in Dallas, Texas. After three years in Michigan, and 15 years …

  • Office # 303.455.LIVE
  • Cell # 720.469.1068

Traci Tooman, Realtor, Broker Associate

Traci, originally from Oklahoma, graduated from college and after spending periods of time in Paris, New York City and Boulder, she found her…

  • Office # (303) 455-5483
  • Cell # (303) 921-8151

Mark White, Founder, Broker Associate, Realtor

A native of small town Missouri, Mark embarked on a 20-year career in retail that took him from elevator operator at a downtown department st…

  • Office # 303.455.LIVE
  • Cell # 303.877.2716

Sara Wilhelm, Broker Associate, Realtor

Sara grew up in a small farm town in Eastern Colorado, where she was instilled with good old fashioned values. Although a great pl…

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  • Cell # 303.808.1168

Strawberry Windholz, Broker Associate, Realtor®

What Clients Are Saying About Strawberry…

"Strawberry, Thank you so much for your help finding someone to rent our home. Teresa and …

  • Office # 303.455.5483
  • Cell # 720.557.9980

Jenna Codespoti Wright, Broker Associate, Realtor®

I am a first time mom, and am involved in several community organizations. I love spending time with my husband Ben, our son Jackson, and ou…

  • Office # 303.455.5483
  • Cell # 720.515.0165

Melinda Yeary, Broker Associate, Realtor®

Residing in the Highland’s area for over 20 years - I am an expert in the Highlands & Sloan’s Lake areas. I thrive on bringing the excitement…

  • Office # 303.455.LIVE
  • Cell # 720.291.5200

Doug Yetman, Broker Associate, Realtor

Doug will work tirelessly to effectively and smoothly help you buy or sell your next home! Using Live’s stellar marketing and sales too…

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  • Cell # 720.301.4293

Brad Yoshimitsu, Broker Associate, Realtor

Loving architecture and design was the main reason Brad got into real estate. He can’t think of a better place to be living right now, the…

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