Nancy Bible , Broker Associate, Realtor®

Nancy originally came to Colorado to attend CU - Boulder. Colorado has always felt like home to her even though Madison, Wisconsin was the original beginning. Through great life and working experiences she has met wonderful people over the years and developed strong friendships that have been central to Colorado becoming home.

She started her business career with Celestial Seasonings in Boulder while still in college and became one of their first Regional Sales Managers. Nancy moved to California with the health food industry,and then on to Chicago where she worked in database marketing for almost 15 years as National Accounts Sales Manager for a couple of Fortune 500 companies. In 1995, Nancy made the decision, along with a good friend, to become corporate dropouts. They came back to Colorado to build a business called Tallgrass Spa, located in Evergreen. Several years later after discovering that mountain living wasn't for her, she sold her partnership to her friend and ventured into real estate.

Being a people person first with a love for architecture and building, (and a few great real estate investments behind her,) real estate was a perfect fit. For the past 15 years, the last 10 at Live Urban Real Estate, Nancy has been working exclusively in real estate, starting her career managing on-site sales for a semi-custom builder. This expanded into the marketing, advertising, sales, and listing of new home developments. Nancy has worked with hundreds of families and individuals in buying and selling their homes and is frequently told by her clients that they truly appreciate her solid, honest, real approach assisting them through their real estate transaction. She attributes this unique feedback to her successful business career and great life experiences. "My background has provided a foundation that has given me a great deal of applicable knowledge, insight and ability," says Nancy, which gives her an upper edge in advocating for her clients in this ever changing real estate world. Nancy, people, real estate, and where they want to LIVE, have become a really good fit.

What Clients Are Saying About Nancy…

"I highly recommend Nancy Bible. She was outstanding! She is honest, knowledgeable and 100% trustworthy. She is results orientated. She sold my home in a reasonable amount of time and for more than our asking price. She was awesome to work with!!"
- David Harvey

"Nancy Bible is an attentive, knowledgable and very capable real estate broker!"
- John Elstrott, CEO, Whole Foods

"Nancy is an honest, dedicated, and hard working realtor. Her many years of experience are evident in her extensive knowledge of the Denver and Boulder real estate markets. She is very likeable, and someone you can trust to put you in the home that is right for you."
- Wendy Binyon

"Nancy is knowledgeable, sensitive to the issues and willing to go to the mat for her clients! She works well to educate and support her client’s side of the transaction. She has many valuable resources that her clients can draw from to help close a deal. Nancy has the patience of Jobe!"
- Tom McGinnis

"Add us to the list of happy customers of Nancy Bible's. We hunted for (what fun!) and did buy a wonderful loft in Lodo, Denver. The process was smooth as silk, and Nancy is a delightfully capable agent!"
- Gail Riley

"It is clear to anyone who knows her that Nancy Bible would be a success at anything she chose to do in life. It is the good luck of home buyers and seller s in the Denver/Boulder area that she decided to go into real estate. My business relationship with Nancy began over two years ago when I asked her to look at a rental property I owned. Owning “investment property” sounds good until you realize that you have become a landlord. After six years I was ready to give up that glamorous life. Nancy researched what comparable properties were selling for and advised against selling at that time. I wasn’t happy but I was sure she was right. A little over a year later, I asked again and she said, “Not yet. Let’s wait until spring and then I think you can get a good price.” I waited and in April, I began the renovation of the property. Before the first of May Nancy was ready to list it for more money than I ever thought I would get. Again, I bowed to her superior wisdom. I am so glad I listened to Nancy. She was right all three times and she sold it for a price that was even higher than her first number and for more than the listing price. He success is not an accident; she works hard, has years of experience, is dedicated to her clients and always acts with absolute integrity. And she is smart. I would never want anyone else to represent me in a real estate transaction."
- Jane Earle (Former landlord)

Q&A With Nancy…

Where do you LIVE?
>I live in Montclair, east of Monaco between 6th and Colfax.. Montclair was developed in the late 1800’s, The Baron von Richthofen is the most famous person noted for the Montclair’s development, and his castle landmark at 7020 East 12th Ave. is worth a drive by. I love it; it reminds me of where I grew up with big trees, great walking, diverse architecture and a dog behind almost every door.

Why Real Estate... Aren't There Enough Agents On The Planet Already?
My friend and I built Tallgrass Spa in Evergreen. I loved the building part, but discovered I was a flatlander and missed the city. I sold out and went and got my real estate license. I worked exclusively for several years for a semi -custom builder managing his sales and working closely with construction.

What Music Is Currently In Your iPod?
I just got my first iPod! And I listen to NPR and KBCO in my car. My most recent CD purchase was Getz/Gilberto (1963)…The Girl from Ipanema, bosa nova, jazzy stuff. I have a mix of music, right now its Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, John Coltrane x 2 and Miles Davis. I like early jazz the best and music from the 70’s, classical and country rock. I’m a dancing fool!br>
What Cause Gets Your Time And Money?
I've become very involved with PSI seminars, advocating for world peace. Locally, I volunteer on different projects, and I write a lot of checks for local food banks, no-kill animal shelters, and just about any one else that has me on their mailling list!

Give It Up. What Local Restaurant Is Your Best Kept Secret?
Moongate Asian Grill Quebec and 7th always great, fast and fresh! My neighbor hood favorite, both for dining in or delivery. The Aubergine Café was my favorite, now replaced with Mizuna another favorite. I love Tables in Park Hill and Fruition on 6th Avenue too. For a big night out, Barolo Grill on East 6th, never a bad experience, great food, service, wine list, and atmosphere.

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