Penny Ritter , Broker Associate, Realtor

Always seeking a career path to do it my way, I have been an entrepreneur since my mid-twenties. After my education at CSU Fort Collins, I entered the advertising world in Denver, in sports marketing with one of Denver’s top agencies. What I found there, was an amazing foundation upon which to build, the realization that supporting artists was my passion, and a burning desire to drive my own destiny. It was then I opened my first company, Ritter Represents.

Following 15 years of success in advertising and marketing, I stumbled upon a newfound love of Home, and the art and science of Feng Shui. In my whirlwind pursuit of knowledge in the field, I studied with Feng Shui Masters from coast to coast, collaborated to create a Feng Shui curriculum for the New York Institute of Interior Design, and expanded my travel studies to far-reaching places, including Hong Kong and Bali, Indonesia. I have shared my passion with hundreds of clients in their private homes and businesses, throughout the city and across the front range.

In 2004, and armed with an intimate knowledge of home, aesthetics and the energy contained therein, it only made sense to expand my practice to assist those looking to find Home and those wanting to sell. For me now, as a realtor, the integration of both has been exhilarating. And, for my clients who choose it, a journey into the world of environmental energy, and buying and selling through Feng Shui principles, has been one of inspired surprise and profound reward. And for my clients who choose the more traditional route to buying and selling, I bring my utmost expertise, my desire to serve in the highest ways possible, savvy negotiating skills and resourcefulness ~ and I always, always bring my Love of Home to the table.

What Clients Are Saying About Penny

" Penny, thank you for being part of my success in life! Several years ago you helped bring the art of Feng Shui into my office space and home. The layout and ancient art of Feng Shui helped with the relaxing feel of both environments. You also were able to help my friend Mike find a house in a peaceful Wheat Ridge neighborhood as a Real Estate agent in Denver. I'm sure you will be the best Real Estate agent soon on the island of Hawaii. So wonderful to see you a few weeks ago my dear friend! Namaste."
- Daniel Montano

"To the most amazing realtor I know. Being a client of yours, both selling and purchasing homes, I know the talents, skills and passion you bring. You are the one with a design background, being able to instruct clients how to stage homes and where to remodel. You have the real estate background to get the best buck for her client. I always brag about my amazing realtor I had. The woman who managed to sell my condo in 1 day, invoking a bidding war, and then managed to get me the most amazing house - where there were 5 offers on the table (including a cash offer), for the budget I needed. I still don't know how you did it, but I know a big part of it was the Karma you brought. I look up to you dearly, and hope I can make the impact in my profession that I know you do in yours."
- Jen Conley

Q&A With Penny...

Where do you LIVE?
Since relocating to Denver, after a multi-year adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii, I am living all over this city!! Taking advantage of the Air B&B platform, I am popping in and out of multiple Denver neighborhoods to find the perfect place to call home. I’ve taken residence in the Highlands, LOHI, Sloans, and Platt Park to name a few! I currently reside in Wash Park…and I am still undecided! So many to choose from. I love this city.

Why Real Estate?
Simple. My enthusiasm for the urban lifestyle, an undying passion for the eclectic, a deep appreciation for the historic & the modern, and a relentless pursuit of the unique & authentic. How can I not be a part of this?

What Music is Currently on Your Playlist?
Extremely diverse! I am also a dance instructor, so anything that moves my body…. which is pretty much every form of music there is. And, I stream them ALL.

What Cause Gets Your Time And Money?
I am absolutely, positively engaged in the protection of animals. Big and small, household and exotic, on land and sea. My friends call me Snow White, as I enjoy a magical connection with them all.

Even closer to home, are meal programs for seniors. Inspired by the needs of my mom, whom I love dearly.

Give It Up. What Local Restaurant Is Your Best Kept Secret?
You can’t throw a stone in this town, without hitting some fabulous place! Another reason why I love Denver so!! (But one secret fave of all time is the Brewery Bar II, off of 2nd & Kalamath. Baddest-ass green chili in town. Next to my own, of course.)

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