Here's what our Clients are saying about us...

"Going on 13 years at Live Urban, the most honest, trustworthy, supportive owners and agents ever!"

Nancy Bible

"Live Urban doesn’t just solely value their agents based on how much money they bring in and ‘what can you do for us?’ attitude. It’s rare to find a brokerage that instead asks, ‘what can we do for you?’, and is supportive and genuine."

Joe Chang

"I came back to Live Urban after a short stint away. It truly felt like coming home to friendly faces and a team that truly cares about you. The atmosphere at Live is supportive, creative, intelligent and fun! So happy to be back!"

Traci Tooman

"If a collaborative, inclusive environment, super responsive management team, and incredibly talented marketing team is what you are looking for, Live Urban is it!"

Jill Mant

"There was really only one place that I wanted to work--Live Urban! I had always known the company to be a customer-centric brokerage with a very clear commitment to community. Moreover, Live’s branding always stands out as does its sophisticated but authentic approach to marketing properties."

Doug Yetman

"I chose to work here after interviewing with multiple other brokerages. The professional/fun culture, amazing marketing team and the lead generation opportunities from our great web and social presence are why I choose to work here."

Barret Ramey

"I don’t just “like” working at Live Urban, I LOVE working at Live Urban. I have been here over five years after working at a few of the biggest brokerages and I can say hands down Live Urban is the best company I have worked for in the 16 years I have been in the business. It is an extremely collaborative and supportive organization whose goal is to provide you with all of the tools you need to ensure your success as a Realtor. From marketing, training and management support, Live Urban gets it right!"

Liz Reyes

"As a brand new agent, I had a lot of choices about where to start my real estate career.  I chose Live Urban because I was so impressed by the true team atmosphere. I was nervous that a “sales job” was going to be cut throat and competitive, and I did feel that at some brokerages when I was interviewing. Not at Live Urban. The Live Urban family has taught be to be a caring and trustworthy educator, and expert, for my clients. The Live Urban attitude has always been, "how can we help you succeed?". And because of all the training, the support, and the collaboration I have received in the last four years, I am succeeding, even beyond my own imagination!!  I Love Live Urban!"

Kelly Kozlowski

"I love the collaborative nature.  There's always someone around the office to bounce ideas off of or someone to help answer specific questions.  It's not about who can be the best; it's how can we all be better."

Shelly Conger